RUNRMTCMD error CPF91CC – related to user id?

AS400 V6R1M1
I am trying to execute RUNRMTCMD command from CLP on one partition to another partition using *SNA method.  I can execute this CLP without any error when I specify my user id and password on remote user id and remote password parameters.

When I try to execute the same CLP by specifying another user id and password, the program triggers Error Message CPF91CC (Command Not completed successfully).  My user id is having all necessary access controls on the user id I am using in the program.

What is causing CPF91CC error?  Can any one explain.


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It does look like an authority issue.
There should be some low level messages in the joblog that could assit you.
Can you check the logs * QHST on the Target to look for more information
Message . . . . : Command did not complete successfully.
Cause . . . . . : An error was detected by the command which caused the
command to end before it could be completed.
Recovery . . . : Refer to any previously issued messages. Correct the
problem identified in the messages, then try the request again.</pre>

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    Hi Charlie, Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I couldn't see any low level messages on Target System relating to my command RUNRMTCMD. Is thre any other suggestion?
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  • TomLiotta
    I would normally expect this to be related to authority. The message should be referring to the RUNRMTCMD itself, i.e., it didn't run correctly. If something like RMTLOCNAME() was wrong, a different message should show. If the remote command was sent, but it couldn't run, then again the message should be different. When RUNRMTCMD runs over *SNA, there will be a QSYSPRT spooled file in the job that sends the command. The result of the command that ran on the remote system will be in the spooled file. If no spooled file is available, i.e., nothing was written to it, then the remote command didn't run. (Technically, I suppose that there could be SNA configuration problems that blocked the return of data for the spooled file. I'm not sure what those might be.) There should be diagnostic message in the joblog just before the CPF91CC. That should indicate the actual problem. Tom
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  • Cursorposition
    Hi Tom, Thanks for all the information. Unfortunately, I am unable to find any diagnostic message on both source and target systems. I am encountering this problem only when I use USER A. If I use USER B or USER C as remote user, the command executes successfully. Is the user profile need any special authority to execute RUNRMTCMD? The difference between USER A and USER B is the user call. User A is *USER class and USER B is *PGMR class.
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