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While most IT organizations have avoided Vista and the debate about going 64-bit altogether, going to Windows 7 raises the debate again. Are you planning to stay with 32-bit versions of Windows 7 even if your hardware can run 64-bit?

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Well I have various costumer with both versions side-by-side.

Nowadays, unless because of a legacy application, particular scenario or anything unusual, I’m deploying x64 almost all the way out.

These days, I have people that can’t work anymore with less than 4GB of RAM, so 64 bits is needed. Even those that can do their work on 32 bits are prepared for the future. I think this way I can improve the ROI.

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  • jinteik
    I guess it goes down the line of what you actually need the pc for...if it really runs heavy apps and need 4gb and above then go ahead with x64..but if it just for normal simple work (use msword or etc) then x86 should be more than enough
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  • Britinga
    The latest Adobe products - e.g. Premiere Pro CS5 - require 64-bit version of Win 7.
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  • Sixball
    Moving to 64-bit with Win7 is a great move. There are TONS of improvements over Vista that work much more smoothly with both 64 and 32-bit apps..
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  • IceCubbe
    We also have a couple of people allready using 64bit Win 7 and works great, the more RAM the better!
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  • Yasir Irfan
    These days most of the systems are powerful, and are capable of running 64 bit of Windows 7. Here in our organization we are using 64 bit of Windows 7 and we are phasing out Windows Vista and Windows XP ( though stable OS). I personally feel windows 7 64 bit powerful OS compared to Vista, thought there are some compatibil;ty issues for certain applications.
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  • Pjb0222
    Standardizing on Windows 64-bit unless the hardware will not support. Going to 64-bit forces driver signing as well as finally removing some antique 16-bit applications. It also gives us the potential to upgrade any machine supporting over 4 GB RAM to more than 4 GB RAM for anyone with the need. For us 99+% of our client computers will be on the same single version of Windows (win-win). We have some specialized hardware that does not support 64-bit. Those will be our only problem children.
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  • Koohiisan
    The Windows XP Mode that comes with the higher editions of 7 should help out with some software incompatibities as well. It's a great feature for those who need it!
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  • Jibin
    I personally use a win7 64bit OS and i do recommend tat for all who have a supported h/w. its gr8 ... !!!
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    [...] Running 64-bit editions of Windows 7 [...]
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