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Rose would like to know, "Is it possible to use IBM's Advanced Job Scheduler to run a SAVSYS in restricted state? If so, do you know of any existing sample code?" -- Michelle Davidson, editor,

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The job scheduler would submit a job to a job queue that would run the job under a subsystem…

However, when the system is in a restricted state, all subsystems are ended.

Therefore… no.

If you want to do a full system backup and start it later the same day… From the console, you can do a GO SAVE option 21 and change the start time from *current to an actual later time. The console will sit there inhibited until the time entered and then start the full backup.

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  • TheQuigs
    I believe there are APIs to accomplish this. Companies such as Help Systems use it in the ROBOT/Save product to perform restricted state operations. I believe other companies use them also, but I can't think of any off-hand. Check out the API Finder at the Information Cetner for V5R2: and for V5R3:
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  • JPLamontre
    If you have an AS400 available for testing boot, try a cl with these commands : tfrjob qctl endsys dlyjob 300 savsys pwrdwnsys it can run. The questions are 1) is it permitted to a batch to the the only running job under restricted state 2) how to know if your job is the one and only one job in qctl in case of system lock, push the panel white button to cut energy then restart THIS KIND OF TEST IS DANGEROUS - DISCUSS WITH YOUR BOSS BEFORE THINKING TO DO IT When your cl will be fine, then add it to the job scheduler. I am very interested by your conclusion, I never have the opportunity to do it.
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  • DonKennedy
    That is probably not going to work because of the following statement from the help for ENDSYS; Interactive jobs that are transferred to a job queue by the Transfer Job (TFRJOB) command are ended as part of subsystem ending. BTW, anyone know what the difference is between ENDSYS and ENDSBS *ALL *IMMED?
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