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Is it possible to run NTBackup (scheduled) invisibly, or in the background? Currently I have NTBackup set to schedule during the day at (for example) 1:00PM to back up users' Outlook data files, but when it does so the NTBackup application actually launches. I am forced to do it this way, but I do not want the user to have to see NTBackup come up, because 1) it is disruptive to them, and 2) they might accidentally close it before it completes execution. Is there a way to force it to run as a background process, or in some other fashion invisibly? This is very important to me.

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You only need to run NT Backup locally to backup the registry. Backup the files through the administrative share on the target computer using NT Backup on another computer remotely. It is also better if the backup is performed when the files are not in use. Even if NTBackup were able to run in the background, what would prevent the user from logging off or shutting down the computer or killing the task before it completed?

OP EDIT: The problem is that I can’t run it remotely, because I’m trying to back up Outlook PST files – NTBackup’s use of the Shadowcopy Service does not apply when executed on remote files, so if Outlook is in use, I cannot use it remotely. Hence, I need it to run locally.

Because of the political climate in this building (it is a research facility at a university), it is difficult if not impossible to get people to adhere to shutting down/logging off/etc. at certain times. It’s regrettable, but I must live with it and work around it. Nothing would prevent them from loggign off/shuttingdown/killing the task, but if it runs silently the chances are less that they’ll complain about it popping up or killing it by clicking on the cancel button.

So – my question remains – IS it possible to run NTbackup invisibly, so I can run it via a Scheduled Job while they’re there during the day, even if Outlook is running? That is the answer I am trying to find.

You would have better luck using a better product such as acronis true image, geni backup, or retrospect.

If you really need to backup users profiles then I would suggest setting home directories up with your AD admin for these users and then backup data on the server that hosts the profiles or shared directories.

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