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Hi, i want to know the rules of using SEU editor , i always find errors when i write code:( can any body help Thanks

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Can you be more specific? What kind of code are you writing?

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Press F1 – you’ll find more functionality expained than 90% of ‘developers’ I’ve worked with ever knew about.

Then go to the IBM website, and download the PDF manual and read it. You’ll find how to define exit points to call your own functionality, right off the SEU screen.


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  • WoodEngineer
    I highly recommend using Websphere Development Studio Client (WDSc) AKA Remote System Explorer (RSE) instead of SEU. It has tons more functionality and better error checking. The way it links to the manuals is a great time saver when you need help. One can get up to speed pretty fast. Once you start using it a bit you will only use SEU when absolutely necessary. IBM also recommends using WDSc/RSE instead of SEU. There is a good chance you are already licensed to WDSc/RSE so there may be no additional charges. By the way, WDSc/RSE loves RAM. Recommend 1Gb minimum; 2Gb is better. Jon Paris and Sue Gantner have written several good articles (OK . . . all their articles are good) on the topic to get you started.
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  • graybeard52
    Rules for using SEU. Rule 1. Don't. Rule 2, See response from WoodEngineer.
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  • ToddN2000
    For me I use SEU rarely. The few times I do is for shifting multiple lines of code to the right or left using cut and paste. The only other time is to view the date a source line of code was changed.. Other than those 2 WDSC is the way to go... Just keep using it and you will pick up WDSC quicker than you think.
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  • Modiyooch
    One rule is that the editor syntax is dictated by the member type when the member is created, eg RPGLE, SQLRPGLE, PRTF, PF, DSPF CLLE etc..
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  • WoodEngineer
    Hello ToddN2000, The SEU functions you mentioned are supported in RSE. Many of the SEU functions are supported and entered in the same manner. I just now verified that the shift right function works exactly the same way. The copy command also works, as does the the SEU "RP" command when you just want to copy one line. You can see the change dates in RSE - just right click in the source area, select Source, then select Show Date Area. Follow the same routine to remove the date area from display. RSE also supports date filters which are accessed by right clicking in the source area.
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  • BigKat
    I would love to GrayBeard, but my client won't let me use WDSC, nor could I run it on the woefully underpowered machine they provide to use on their network. It has trouble somedays just running a 5250 emulator session.
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