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I have a rpgle program with parameters. I can watch the parameters change in the program. When I call the program from a Cl language the parameters come back blank.

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If you use the parameters on a *ENTRY PLIST then you may need to specify the “receiving” parameter in factor 1 on the PARM statement. You can use the same field name.


Martin Gilbert.

Hi Curtiss

We need more, generally RPG parameters have been Input/Output and should return the values they contain to the CL — actually the CL program passes the RPG pointers to the data and the RPG program changes these and ends. The CL continues by using the same pointers to retrieve the data when you need it. Obviously that’s not happening and it’s probably in your D specs declaring the RPG PI (program interface)

– did the CL load any data into these prameters before the call?
– show us the entry PLIST or D specs
– does your program use procedures??
– show use D specs for procedure prototypes that pass the parameters

– If the parameters are declared in a data structure
– is the data structure cleared or reset ?
– are there overlays to the parameters that are cleared or reset?


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  • Modiyooch
    1. I'll have to research this answer. My CLs receive return variables from RPGLE and I don't use a "receiving" parm. 2. As for the original question, I would need to see snippets of code from the rpg and cl. maybe it's a mismatch in the order of parms, or sizes.
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  • Teandy
    Are the parms the same name in both programs? In other words, if the parm in the CL is called &account, then the variable in the RPGLE also has to be called account. If the RPGLE is a sub procedure, I would disregard the above and ask if both programs are running in the same activation group.
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  • Modiyooch
    The variables do not have to be named the same between the two programs; but, they do need to be the same attribute and size. The "receiving" variable is a nicety, but not a requirement.
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