How to determine the RPG version

Hi, Can you tell me how to know the RPG version (III or IV) in our AS400? Also, if it's ILE? Thank you.

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Your AS400 probably has all versions of the RPG compiler available (unless it’s very, very old).

Depending on how you code your programs determines the way you need to compile them. Source member types usually indicate what sort of RPG program the source member contains.

RPG = RPGIII aka RPG/400
SQLRPG = RPGIII aka RPG/400 – with embedded SQL

*These where on the original AS/400’s from V1R1M0

RPGLE = ILE/RPG aka RPGIV – can also be free format
SQLRPGLE = = ILE/RPG aka RPGIV – can also be free format – with embedded SQL

*These where introduced as RPG IV with V3R1M0 of OS/400

*ILE stands for Integrated Language Environment. It gets it’s name from the ability to create a single program using multiple programming languages. Therefore, RPG IV is ILE compliant. as will RPG V be when (if) it is released. Most of the languages on the System i are ILE compliant.

With RPGLE & SQLRPGLE you can use the ILE environment which allows creation of modules and service programs to re-use code by joining (binding) modules and service programs together to create an executable program.

Hope this helps.


Martin Gilbert.

* added by Eduard van den Braken

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  • Yorkshireman
    compile something look at the heading line of the compiled listing. it will tell you the compiler used. Both compilers RPG and RPGLE ship as standard. ditto for CLP and CLLE - Just make a couple of lines of source and compile it.. .. simple really.. Or - GO WRKLICPGM and see what's on the box...
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  • Littlepd
    On the command line, type the following command and press <Enter>. WRKLIB QRPG* Compare your results to the table below to see which versions you have installed: QRPG RPG/400 QRPGLE ILE RPG/400 QRPGLEP ILE RPG/400, previous release support QRPG38 System/38-compatible RPG III If your box is really old, type in this command: WRKLIB #RPG* You might get this: #RPGLIB System/36-compatible RPG II Each one of the libraries listed above contains a source physical file that has a source member named "PROOF". If you compile and run those programs, they will give you feedback on whether or not that RPG version was installed properly. -Michael
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