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Our office comprises of two buildings connected by fibber optics cable.Primary domain server is placed in one building and its backup domain server in the other. total No. of nodes: upto 400 IP ranges: to to These are created within the DHCP superscope. Domain Server+DNS sever+DHCP server are all on same machine with WIndows 2003 Server Enteprise edition and their is no subdomian. This same machine is also the default gateway because after DHCP superscoping , Routing and remote access service has been turned On on it. Its address itself is in the IP range 192.168.41... We are using this setup for almost 2 years and LAN was working fine till the beginning of this month. Now at random intervals of time, the PCs with the IP in range 192.168.41... don't communicate with the PCs in the other range i.e 192.168.42....; however they communicate well with the PCs within their same IP range and also ping the gateway. We have tested by isolating different areas of LAN but no hardware problem was found. What is the probable cause of this? Is this due to the use of USB devices for accessing internet? Note that our PC users freely use USB devices and install any software on their PCs. Please reply.

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If the devices can communicate fine with other devices on the same subnet but not across subnets, then the problem is typically a default gateway issue. Check the default gateway on the problem machines. This routing problem can also reside on the remote side when the traffic does not “know” how to get back to the source. You may need to use Wireshark on both sides of the connection to see what ICMP (ping) messages are generated.

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    Post a copy of a host's IPCONFIG command output, this will help us to see if the correct information is set by DHCP. Do this for a host in both buildings. I presume the servers, that are acting as routers, have a connection to a third subnet between them, or have addresses in both subnets ? Otherwise this will not work. Also have you tried a real router, or L3 switch for this ? I think we need some more information to help you further.
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