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AS/400 Routing Data
From far many days i have a question to post here.what is Routing data and what is Class in AS/400.Interviewer aimed me to answer this. Any answer will help me a lot. Thanks In Advance to all -Qmaster.

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The routing data is used by the jobd and is used to determine how to start a job.
A class contains parameters that control the running of a routing step.
Both can be found in a subsystem description and are used to determine how a job is run.

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  • qmaster
    Thank you to above. //To run a job in subsystem routing data and routing entry should match.If match is not made job will end. Routing Entry having some charecterstics for the job to run in SBS.// But as per your answer the routing data is determining Job. each job having it's own routing entries . routing data in SBS will try to match with all job routing entries. My question is which one determine job routing data or routing entry? Pls Correct if iam wrong Thanks In Advance. -Qmaster
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  • Yorkshireman
    The Routing data is a value 'ABCDE' the routing entry is the entry which says ' If the data you receieve is 'ABC' then place the job in xxxx - the above example falls through and should be collected by the default.
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  • Kuldeep14691
    Further explanation if you find it helpful-
    Routing data-  Is a part of job which is being submitted, under Routing Data parameter.
    It might be added in *JOBD also.

    Routing entry- Is part of subsystem, contained in subsystem description. (ADDRTGE/CHGRTGE/RMVRTGE commands can be used to work with routing entries)

    Further Routing entries consist of these parts;
    - subsystem description, 
    - class (decides job run time attribute) 
    - comparison data (data to be compared with RTGDTA of job)
    - maximum active routing steps, 
    - memory pool ID (memory pool in which job will run) 
    - program to call (program to run once job comparision is successful)

    So finally CLASS is to decide the run time attribute of job once it is started in subsystem, and routing entries contains this class info.
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  • TheRealRaven
    Routing data is not only for submitted jobs; it applies to all routing steps submitted or otherwise, batch or interactive. It is used to determine which routing program is started when the step begins to process. The routing program may process the step's 'Request data' or ignore it entirely and do anything else that programs may do.

    Routing entries point to *CLS (class) object names but don't contain *CLS data. *CLS objects are external objects containing their own data.

    Knowledge of routing data and class objects would really be important only to the more technically involved systems persons. An application developer usually could hardly care less about them. Work management and how it affects overall system performance is handled very differently at the system rather than application level, though there are connections.
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