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I have 5 Computers, all Hp Media centers 1 Windows XP Pro my main computer 2 hp Windows Vista Home Premion media computers and 1 laptop Vista Home Premion all desktops 2.66ghz dual 64 Amd processors; the laptop is an Intel 3 ghz dual 64 processor; I need to purchase a Router to connect them into a network? The laptop and windows XP Pro are wireless and the other 2 have ethernet connections. What Router do I need to purchase to get the best preformance for the money?

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You can purchase any D-Link, Linksys, Airport, etc wireless router to get them on the Internet.

They will all provide you with fine performance, and should all cost about the same amount.

Well, I am going to differ with you on that. Actually when you have a Hughes Satellite Internet connection and you install D-Link, not only does it not finish installing, it crashes completely. Then you find that it has wiped out your internet connection in some obscure way. You’ll end up calling Hughes for sure.

What I don’t understand is, if your software can’t finish installing, why don’t you put things back the way you found them? And why doesn’t it ask you if you have a Satellite Connection?

I think the people at D-Link are careless, and poor at their jobs. I was a programmer for 12 years and I would never have installed software that would have left my client’s network in a shambles. Good God. What do these people do with their time?

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  • Bobkberg
    MrDenny is quite correct, however there may be other factors. You did not mention what you use these various PCs for. If they're all used just for casual web browsing and such, then his answer stands as is. If you are using any ot them for serious gaming, then you may need to look at boxes (from the same set of manufacturers) that are optimized for gaming. If any of them is being used as a file server with heavy I/O (reading and writing of files) you may want to consider gigabit ethernet. Since they are all media center types, you need to also consider if they are transferring streaming content among themselves. I realize that this doesn't answer your question as much as it asks you for more information - but if you want the best performance for the money, you have to be specific about what sort of "performances" you're specifically going to be running. Bob
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