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I work in an office park and our office has a cable model from our internet service provider and a Netgear router with 4 ports. Three computers and one additional router connect to our main router. The office next door is only open on Fridays and every Friday, our internet connection continuously drops and will not reconnect until I restart the router. We assume our router is overloaded from the people in the office next door and do not know how to correct this issue. Our service provider has been to our site three times to test the signal and says it's fine. We were instructed to change the channel on our router, however the main router is wired, not wireless. Only the second router that is connect to the main router is wireless (and password protected). What could potentially be wrong and how may we fix this?

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This sounds very strange if the next door neighbor could be affecting your private network connection. I would trace cabling to be sure that they are not “piggy-backing” onto something in your office. I would also change the security on the wireless link and make it as secure as possible – move from WEP to WPA2. If you do not have security on the wireless link, then they could be using your connection. Just password protecting the router is not enough. There needs to be a secured link between each of the client computers and the wireless router.

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  • Kevin Beaver
    This could be an "undocumented feature" on the router itself that's fixed by a firmware update. Have you done that?
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  • BlankReg
    I would ask the service provider to be there on a Friday, and investigate the problem thoroughly. I would also disconnect the second router, and see if the problem goes away. Then you know it is something on the wireless side. Or you know it is on the wired side if the problem is still there. If it is on the wired side, and the service provider does not help, then seriously consider changing to a different provider. Maybe just the threat of doing this will motivate them into sorting the problem. If you get on with the next door guys, ask them if they have problems also, and ask how they connect to the Internet. You never know, they may be able to shed some light on this. Good-Luck.
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  • KemoG
    Could it be because of torrent usage on your net!?
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