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I am trying to put a Linksys WRT54G at the end of a Cat5e segment to create an extended star, off of a Netgear WGR614. I have set the 614 to have the address with the DSL as the default gateway. I have tried to create a static route, on both the Linksys and the Netgear, and tried to just configure the Linksys (in Router mode)to use the Netgear as its default gateway--the Linksys reports "invalid IP address or subnet mask" and doesn't accept the input. Are there any suggestions for me to try? Basically, I have a couple of PCs at one end of the house, and several PCs down at the other...more than I have ports on a single WAP/router.

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I will assume that it is impractial for you to use wireless access cards, and a wireless access point rather than another router. Depending on concurrent usage of the computers, you might be able to get away with simply using a Cat 5 Hub rather than another router. Obviously, if you have most of the machines on at any one time, or high resource usage across your net you want a router, but if you only have one or two on at a time, and all they are doing is surfing or e-mail, then a hub will reduce headaches and $$$.

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  • Nu2dgame
    Thank you for your suggestions, but I am stuck with the two WAP/routers--swapping to a hub, or better, a switch is not an option here.
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  • Mgregory
    not difficult to just have to dumnb the second router down. 1st, setup up your primary with and make sure you have connectivity there. 2nd, take the second router and do the following: a. change it to router and not gateway b. assign it a static LAN ip in the range of the first...say and let it hand out dhcp to the pc's on it's downside Another options here is to assign static IP's throughout your network.....whatever works for you there. If you make these changes, it'll work like a charm.
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  • Owenmpk
    These are intructions I wrote up for people working for me use when using the WRT54GS as an access point. Setup of Linksys WRT54GS to act as access point in line with another Linksys router acting as gateway and handing out DHCP. 1. Power up WRT54GS 2. Reset to Factor specs 3. Configuration PC to ports 1,2,3,or 4 NOT WAN 4. Logon to WRT54GS via web browser password = admin 5. Check Firmware version and if out of date update 6. Leave the Internet Setup as is. 7. Disable DHCP Server can click Save Settings 8. In Network Setup change to local network settings (my standard is 9. Click Save Settings again. 10. Connect to existing network cable into ports 1,2,3 or 4 NOT WAN 11. WRT54GS 12. Release and renew IP address on the configuration PC 13. You should now have access to the Internet. 14. Test wireless access 15. Configure router per standard security settings (my standard is disable SSID and enable MAC filtering) NOTE: Security setting from other routers on the network do NOT share security settings so each has its own settings. 16. Set admin password Remote Setup of Security 1. Connect laptop with network cable to local network. 2. Have user go on to the internet. 3. Establish a remote desktop connection 4. Configure SSID not to broadcast 5. Connect to non broadcasting network 6. Configure MAC filter to only connect to systems you want to connect. 7. Log off router and log back on and check all settings.
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