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I have a SOHO that I am trying to configure in an extended star, with a WRT54G at one end, and a WRG614 as the gateway/first router. I have configured the 614 to have the address and left the 54G at I set the 54G into Router mode and tried to make a static path to the 614, but keep getting a "invalid IP address or subnet mask" and it fails to accept the settings. If I set the static path from the 614, it accepts the input but loses all connectivity to the Internet. Any suggestions for me?

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I think your trying to do this the hard way … return the second router and replace it with a switch. This will allow the first router to serve all the IP addresses needed for your network (up to 254) and take all the configuration headaches away. The switch should have enough ports to handle your expected needs at the other end of the house. I use this in my home with two “remote” areas, each having it’s own switch. All the computers get their IP addresses and gateway from a single router.

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  • Nu2dgame
    I agree that your suggestion is valid, and that is all I want to use the WRT54G for basically--a switch. However, what you suggest is not an option. I am basically stuck with the two WAP/routers. s there a way to configure a 54G into a 'switch only' mode?
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  • Edfinn
    If the PCs at the Netgear end are connecting with a cable, this may work. I have been successful in that several times and once not successful. Try this -- Turn off DCHP and wireless netowrking on the WRG614 and do not plug the cable to the rest of the network into the "Internet" or "WAN" port. By not using DHCP and connecting the rest of the network into a "standard" port, the equipment should act as a switch. I have done this several times but once (with a Linksys) could not disable DHCP even though the router setup told me it was disabled. If they are connecting through the WiFi part, it still may be possible, but you would want to configure the Netgear as a WAP (Wireless Acess Point) only, without DHCP, etc. You should be able to get Netgear's tech support help on that.
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  • Paul144hart
    As said above, the DHCP is your problem. Your are having two devices serve the same subnet. *IF* you want to do this for the exercise, change one of them to a different subnet. Since you're using class C, change the third octet from 1 to a 2 for instance. Otherwise disabling DHCP as suggested should work. Some Linksys devices don't always work perfectly in non-usual circumstances...
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  • Gforsythe
    Edfin's reply is valid, but here is the answer to your questions. A router is a device that connects two or more different networks. 192.168.1.x is 1 network/subnet when using a mask of You must either subnet that or use a different network, such as 192.168.2.x on the second router. BTW, i highly suggest not using default installed ip ranges, use 192.168.2 or higher, not 0 or 1.
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