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I was thinking about buying a laptop and a linksys router but i wanted to know if the PC and my laptop could both be on the computer at the same time. My PC is a dell, ISP is DSL and its current 'router' is a westell model 2200. I also had another question. If i brought my laptop over to someone elses house, and they had road-runner, not DSL would i still be able to get internet the same time they are. Could you please answer my question it would be a big help

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Yes you can but a linksys router and use it to get on the Internet while your desktop is on the Internet at the same time.

You can also take you laptop over to a friends house and get on the Internet while your friend uses the Internet.


if your PC at home is using a different router westell model 2200, and is on internet that means the external DSL conection is terminating into this router. now you want to connect to internet through your laptop which is on a different router. Is DSL terminating into that router? No, so how will you connect to the internet at the same time.
For that you have to put for PC and laptop into a single router and connect DSL cable to that router.

For internet on roadrrunner and not DSL, it will depend purely on the setup, if they are connected directly to PC oir through a modem or router. If PC, you dont have a chance. if Router, and a port is available, yes you can, but your laptop gateway setting will have to be changed.


If you have an old PC laying around (Pentium II minimum) and an extra network card you could install “smooth wall” on it.

This is free firewall software that allow the old pc to be a VERY configurable firewall/router. Install is easy and there is LOTS of support for it. (I will not take off my salesmans hat…)

The above answers cover the rest of your question very well, though you might want to check the DHCP setting on the various network pieces if you have problems connecting.

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