RNF7591 on func’s result

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Dear all! I am trying to work with DS fields returning from procedure call. Here are definitions:
d fileds E ds EXTNAME(file1:rfmt1) qualified

d rsltds ds likeds(fields)

d getDS pr likeds(fields)

d inID const like(ID)

d inDATA const like(DATA) options(*nopass)
If I write:

it is compiled, but if I write:
I receive *RNF7591. What is wrong in the last case?

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Good question .. this looks like it would work but …


This step maps the return into the data structure rsltds


This step uses id id_OP part of that data structure


The attempts to grab the subfield id_OP from the return set but the return set is just an address, not a structure.

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  • tempally

    Address? I did not define getDS's prototype as returning a pointer.

    Anyway, your answer means that we always need a 'recipient' to make copying of the result's body possible . But how then work things like "If func(arg)='text';" - in this case we have no place to "store" the result of func's call, but it works!

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  • philpl1jb

    All calls pass pointer locations.

    Why does this If func(arg)='text';  work?

    if func returns the pointer to some text, it can be compared with some text.

    Why doesn't this work? out=%char(getDS(id1:D'1901-01-01').id_op);

    you say use the .ip_op field of the return but the program doesn't know what the .ip_op part of the return is.  It only gets an .ip_op part when it's mapped into a data structure.

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  • tempally

    And that is completely strange!

    "if func returns the pointer to some text..." - how can program know that pointer points to text? It have function's prototype which describes return data type

    "...program doesn't know what the .ip_op part of the return is." - the same way, program has function's prototype, so, it know that result is a DS, and RPG works with pointer-based DS very well...

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  • philpl1jb

    The prototype is used during compile to make certain the call passes the required parameters but your prototype could have any field names or no field names and you could compile.

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