Retrieve Wi-Fi password in Android smartphone

How I can retrieve my Wi-Fi password in my Android smartphone?

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On older versions of Android, before 5 I think, you could go to wifi settings and view the saved password.

On the latest versions this option is not there. There is a file on your phone named wpa_supplicant.conf . You have to have root access to get to it. The file is /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

If you are on a later version of Android and do not have root access, you pretty much cannot obtain the information you are asking for.

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  • Subhendu Sen
    Several 3rd party tool can help to see saved password in android based phone. But what is the background of this query that will reveal here before getting fruitful replies.
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  • TheRealRaven
    Why "retrieve" it? If it's a good password, it should still work fine. If it's not any good, then retrieving it is pointless.

    If it needs to be retrieved so that it can be used in a different device, you should follow the password-reset instructions from your WiFi provider. Create a new password, and use it in the new device. The Android should then prompt for the new password when it needs to reconnect.
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  • agoussec
    Go to.  Root browser-->data-->misc--->wifi-->WiFi supplicant
     Here you can find your all saved wifi passwords
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  • Harisheldon
    Have you considered taking it back to the vendor where you purchased the phone and have them reset it for you?
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  • Subhendu Sen
    If this phone does not belong to you, you can not open/access the mobile without proper password/pattern. It is truly illegal, to access someone's mobile without asking him/her.
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  • ToddN2000
    If this is this only device that uses your Wi-Fi it may just be easier to reset it on the router. You may have to hardwire a connection to the router in order to do this. This is only because we do not know if you are the actual owner of the device /network. We don't usually help when it comes to getting around security.
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