Retreiving data from within square brackets, there may be more than one in each cell (spreadsheet owner refuses to change it grrrr)

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I have a spreadsheet with a column containing data in the following format Column G Row 1 [1T40131A] [GB50131A] [GB50131B] [GB50131C] [1T50131D] Row 2 [1T400133] Row 3 [303640]*VF Row 4 [240700]*RN I would like to create a UDF that will retrieve the data within the brackets and create a column on another worksheet with them all on a seperate row i.e. Column A Row 1 1T40131A Row 2 GB50131A Row 3 GB50131B Row 4 GB50131C Row 5 1T50131D Row 6 1T400133 Row 7 303640 Row 8 240700 Is this possible with a UDF and if so could anyone give me some idea how to get started, Im a bit of a cut n paster normally but this one is beyond my google browsing abilities :) any help would be much appreciated

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What you mean “UDF”? To me, UDF is a database concept, an “User defined Function”.
I know how to do this using an Excel VBA macro, like the one at the bottom of this posting.


<pre>Option Explicit

Sub main()
GetFromSquareBrackets Sheets(“sheet1”), Sheets(“sheet2″)
End Sub

Sub GetFromSquareBrackets(sourceSheet, targetSheet)

Dim sourceCol As Long, sourceRow As Long
sourceCol = 1
sourceRow = 0
Dim targetCol As Long, targetRow As Long
targetCol = 1
targetRow = 0

Dim iRow As Long
iRow = 1
Do ‘ for each input row containing data
If sourceSheet.Cells(iRow, sourceCol) = Empty Then
‘ empty cell: loop no more
Exit Do
Dim inputData, newValues
inputData = Trim(CStr(sourceSheet.Cells(iRow, sourceCol)))
‘ split cell content on the separating blank space
newValues = Split(inputData, ” “)
‘ separated element(s) have all the brackets, clean up
Dim theCode
For Each theCode In newValues
‘ get rid of the opening bracket
theCode = Replace(Trim(theCode), “[“, “”)
‘ find the closing bracket and trim from there
Dim n
n = InStr(1, theCode, “>”)
If n > 0 Then theCode = Left(theCode, n – 1)
‘ add the code in next row of the target sheet
If Len(Trim(theCode)) > 0 Then
targetRow = targetRow + 1
targetSheet.Cells(targetRow, targetCol) = “‘” & theCode
End If
End If
‘ move to next input row
iRow = iRow + 1
End Sub

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  • Harleq
    That worked great, thanks for the help. yeah I did mean user defined function as this was what I used before to make a countif that went accross sheets, but a macro is fine for this as it didnt need to be updated live, can just be run every now n then. Thanks for the help dude
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