Restoring Journalized Files

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AS/400 backup
Hi friends,

All days at 10:00pm we do the full backup of the library FINANCE.

The journal receivers was send to a Windows server. On 15/08 at 21:00 pm we lost all data on the system. The LIBRARY FINANCE was restored with tape from 14/08. What command I use to restore all records from all tables that are in the Journal Receivers Detail:

always that files was journaled with the option: Record images. . . . . . . . . * BOTH IMAGES   Att; PutzGrilla


Software/Hardware used:

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All days at 10:00pm, example:

Today is 17/08/10 at 09:00pm ….but my system crashed on this moment.

I have my journals was saved in antoher system. and only backup from Yesterday 16/08 at 10:00pm.

What can I do ?

Restore my backup tape with this position 16/08 at 10:00pm, and my journals too.

I dont´ know how can I restore this record from my Journal.


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  • TomLiotta
    All days at 10:00pm... and On 15/08 at 21:00 pm... Those two times don't make sense. They shouldn't both be "pm". Can you please clarify exactly what the times mean? Also, do you save receivers on the same schedule as you save your libraries? Tom
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  • TomLiotta
    I am worried that your receivers might not help you. I don't know if I understand the entire situation. If all data was lost from the system -- You can only restore as much as was saved. If a save happened at 10:00 PM, then nothing from 11:00 PM can be restored. If you restored everything back to the 10:00 PM state, then you are done. There is nothing available from after 10:00 PM. But if the receivers are available from after 10:00 PM -- You restore your files back to the 10:00 PM state. Use the APYJRNCHG command to apply database changes from the receivers back into the files. If the receivers still exist on the system, they don't need to be restored. If they were deleted after being saved, or if they were lost when the data was lost, then you need to restore the receivers that hold the data that you want. You can only recover what was saved. You can name up to 300 files on the APYJRNCHG command in a single run. (You can also apply changes to *ALL files from a journal.) You must supply the names for the first and last receiver if your changes cover more than one receiver. Multiple receivers must be consecutive -- if you have changes in three receivers, you can't restore from the first and last without including the middle. Tom
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