Restore XYZ library from A system to B system?

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How we will restore XYZ library from A system to B system?

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Not too sure of the complexity of your question but use the RSTLIB command.
If the library already exist on system B then use CLRLIB before you restore. Also check the authority levels for the lib XYZ on system A in regards to the owner of the lib and if an authorization list is used. Then verify the owner user profile and authorization list exist on system B, if not create them so it does not default to QDFTOWN.

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  • qmaster
    Iam sorry about my intention is about .. What are the parameters that we need to give at that time of useing RSTLIB?
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  • Whatis23
    This is assuming you are restoring to the same library, don't have the sequence number and have nothing to restore afterwards: RSTLIB SAVLIB(XYZ) DEV(TAPxx) ENDOPT(*UNLOAD) MBROPT(*ALL) ALWOBJDIF(*ALL)
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  • qmaster
    Can't we move objects/libraries from A system to B system directly.with out having TAPE help. Is there any other alternative way to move the data except MIMIX and TAP. Thanks in Advance.
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  • Lovemyi
    you can use SAVRSTOBJ if you have SNADS set up between machines or save the library to a save file on the source and make sure you have it also created as a save file on the target machine and then use FTP to send the save file to the target machine making sure you specify Binary for the transfer mode. Then RSTLIB from the Save File and you are good to go Lovemyi
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  • pdraebel
    I believe you can also avoid physical Tape in setting up virtual tape support and transporting the image to system B where it can be restored. This would avoid limitations od Save File (size).
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  • ItGuy400
    or good old savf and ftp to alternate machine.
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  • DanTheDane
    The easy-to-use tool 'ZipSeries' makes this job very, very easy. Look at
    . ..and a good thing: It's free :-)
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