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Hello all, My question may be a bit long-winded so apologies for that. I use an Acer Aspire 1801 laptop (40Gb) which is 2 years old and has become very sluggish with time. In recent weeks I've been digging into the system a bit disabling unnecessary services/startups and also getting rid of old programms/files etc. I downloaded CCleaner and Jv16 tools to help and everything seemed to be improving. I also downloaded PerfectDisk as I heard it was a great Defrag program. The first couple of times I ran the Offline defrag it seemed to work ok, but then the problems began. The machine refused to reboot and this has happened on several occasions. Also I found that when hitting restart it began to close down and restart normally until the window appeared, then the screen would go black. This now happens every time I press restart, or when I download a program or try to run the PD offline feature, which I've now given up on. Sometimes it takes anything from 3 to 10 attempts to get started again. I've tried Safe Mode and Last Good Config, but if I give it a rest for a while it starts normally but I can't figure out why. This all seemed to start with PerfectDisk - which incidently is running very well on my Dell Desktop. I've now removed it from the Acer but the problem remains. I don't have the Windows Cd, so I downloaded True Image to backup the whole system (which I haven't used yet) and again on reboot had the same prob. As far as I can tell I have no virus. (I recently added Comodo and Counterspy to Norton Antivirus). I also upgraded from 512mb to 2gb with only marginal increase in performance. I've clearly made an error (or 6) along way and would be very grateful for any advice offered. Many thanks, Brid.

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First off, if a computer is running slow I lean toward sypware or even a virus. Second, Norton is know to be a resource hog so I would uninstall that and just install AVG free. Yes it’s free

Try using Spybot and scan for spyware or malware. Use the “msconfig” utility to stop any services that don’t need to run in the background such as AOL messaging or Microsoft instant messenger. Try disabling one thing at a time then restarting. If it messes something up then just renable it.

Hope this get it running a little better.

I believe that your computer system has been infected with some malicious software programs trying to invade and paralyze your entire system. You have to create a backup of your files before the problem gets worst. After backing up your important files, reformat and reinstall the operating system to clear all malicious software and errors in your system.

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    Thanks for that. I know what you mean about the hog, Norton, but I only upgraded it recently and reluctant to dump it just yet. However, I have been looking at AVG and will definitely give it a go. I thought with Norton, Counterspy and Comodo I was well protected re the bad guys, but will now add Spybot to the team on your advice. My main concern is of course the Restart issue. I'm worried all this switching on and off is wrecking the system and wonder if I may have a corrupted reg file or something. Also, I'd like to re-introduce Perfectdisk to the machine but need to get this problem sorted first. Any other ideas? I'm just about to do a full backup with True Image too, and hope the thing doesn't cease up altogether, so wish me luck.
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