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Lotus Domino
We are using the resource database 6.5.4 and I have some questions on it. 1) There is a little picture of a paper and a pencil in By date view by the time. What is that and what is it for? 2) What is the easiest way to view when a room is busy for the invitees calendar and the room is busy for a 6 month period each week on a like a Wednesday? The only way is to flip through the calendar to see if either is busy, does it not tell you that there is a conflict. Thanks Just curious

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About your first question is do not know teh answer yet.

On your second questions, ever tried to use your own calander, schedule a meeting and check if the room is available.

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  • Bball54
    Thanks for the response. Yeah I tried using our own calendar but you still have to flip through the schedules to see if it is busy or not it won't let you pick the dates and tell you that there is a conflict.
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  • Aclark
    1) These are reservations made directly via the Resources database. Ones without were made through the Notes/DWA client. I guess you're just "penciling" in the meeting when you book the room but you haven't really invited anyone other than the room. But you'd have to Delete the penciled in one then book the room and hope no one else booked it. 2) There's no good way for this - when you schedule a meeting it only checks the start date for availability it seems. You could do it directly in the resource database - just "pencil-in" the reservation and see if it gets rejected - if it doesn't you could delete it and schedule the meeting. The other alternative is book it in the first room available then when you get the rejects back you'll have to send an update out for each date the room wasn't available changing to another room.
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  • Pada1302
    If your using your own C&S when the invititation is sent a dialog box appears outling the dates "that are in confict". You need to make note of these dates and work from there. Admittedly, this is cumbersome but it does provide some avenue to identifying and resolving "conflicts". Booking rooms directly in to the RR database is a waste of time, as you cannot reschedule these entries. You must delete and recreate. We are in the process of updating our RR db to R6.5.3 and the relevant R6 template. Additionally, it is mt intention to "remove" the booking capability within the RR db. so my user's can only do this task via theor own C&S. Admittedly, there will be some flack, but in the long-term I believe that the benefits wil far out way any immediate hassles.
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