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Hi, I don't know how can I resize the mailbox size or an email size that a user can send or recieve!!?? 1-How can I make a large emailbox? How can I set a user can send or recieve a large email or changing the default size? 2-How can I make 2 mailbox for a user for example and ??? My mail server is exchange server 2003 enterprise and the OS is windows server 2003 r2 The OS of clients is winxp pro sp2 Thank you for the help. ------ Regards Mahnaz

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adding an additional email can be done by opening up the users properties in active directory selecting the email addresses tab and add a new smtp email address.

To change email sizes, make sure that your global defualts on exchange are set large enough to accomadate what you are trying to do, if you are looking for only one user to have the ability to send large files you can then restrict the other users in active directory user properties and under the exchange general tab and then delivery options.

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  • KnappIT
    1- You can set mailbox limits by going to the user properties in active directory. Open the user properites and select the Exchange General Tab. This menu will allow you to set size limits for sending and receiving. You can also set storage limits for this mailbox in this same menu. 2- If I understand this correctly you want to be able to have two addresses difined for one user. This can be accomplished by going to the user properties and selecting the E-Mail Adresses tab in here you can add the addresses that point to the different domain you want to access.
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  • Aliyani
    Hi, Thanks for the help,I wana to define two email address just for one user in the same domain!! And I how the user can see his two mailbox in Microsoft outlook!!??? Thank you. --- Regards Mahnaz
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  • IvoCandries
    Mahnaz, A view on his 2 mailboxes can be done in 2 ways: you can work with profiles in outlook (not so friendly, because you have to close outlook and re-open it with the other profile). Or you let him work with his major mailbox and give on the another enough permissions so that he can see the second on his major mailbox (by adding in Outlook a second exchange-mailbox). Ivo.
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  • Almac
    Part 1 of your question has been covered, so I will address part 2. There are several options available to accomplish part 2 of your question. 1. Add the additional e-mail address to the users account. Doing this will allow inbound mail to either address to go to a single mailbox. 2. Assuming you want to keep separate mailboxes, you can add another profile to the users Outlook configuration. This will allow access to both mailboxes. However, as stated earlier you would have to exit and then start Outlook using the other profile. 3. Still assuming you want to keep separate mailboxes you can delegate permissions on mailbox 2 such that the user can open both mailboxes from Outlook. This is outlined below. TO DELEGATE PERMISSION TO ANOTHER You will need to login to Mailbox 2 in order to delegate permission to the user: 1. On the Tools menu, click Options. 2. Click Delegates tab, and then click Add. 3. In the Add Users window, select the primary account, click Add, the click OK. 4. On the Delegate Permissions: (account) window, select the permissions for the user. Then click OK. TO ADD THE ADDITIONAL MAILBOX TO THE USERS ACCOUNT Now that you have delegated the user rights to the other account, you will want to add Mailbox 2 to the Mailbox 1 account for quick access. You must have granted at least reviewer permission to open the other mailbox and see it in the Folder List. 1. On the Tools menu, click E-Mail Accounts. 2. Click View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next. 3. In the list, click the Exchange account type, and then click Change. 4. Click More Settings, and then click the Advanced tab. 5. Click Add, and then type the mailbox name of the person whose mailbox you want to add to your user profile.
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