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Hi there Here is my situation: I have got a DSL connection with public ip addresses at my office. I have a client with a DSL connection with dynamic ip address, at his office. The DSL connection at my office can access any internet sites. The DSL connection at my client can only access sites local to our country. I want to setup his router to say that all requests for international sites should be forwarded to my router at my office which can then serve the international websites to him. I thought of using static routes, eg. IP = Subnet = Gateway = my router ip And then state all of the international ip ranges to be sent to that ip. But I find that in the netgear DG834 router the client has, it will only accept an IP on the local subnet as the gateway for a static route. The reason I need to do it in the router, instead of just specifying a proxy in the browser is: - There might be other devices on the network, who need to access international traffic, and cant be programmed for a proxy. - The client would take his computer in and out of the office, and I do not want him to have to change proxy settings all the time for different networks. Are there other routers that would be able to accept my IP as the gateway, or is there some other way to do what I need here?? I am not saying that it needs to be a static route nessesarily, just that I need to send certain requests on to a certain IP address, which the router in question, is able to access across the net. Thanks

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Frome My point of view their is more thant one answer to your question.

First i would call your client ISP to open the internationnal trafic. their is no reason except for nationnal security to stop internationnal web site. But i’m not in your contry.

second if you want to use a proxy use the proxy.pac file config that way when you clinet move away the browser will not find the proxy.pac file and he will use the default gatway and byepass the proxy setting.

third you can by a more reliable router for SMB. I use SonicWall router. you can configur remote gateway no problem.

have fun


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