Replace windows network with Ipad2s and no network?

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We are a multisite VPN linked company. Our datatbase is web based but we share folders across the windows network. Can anybody see anything wrong with replacing our pcs with Ipad2s? We could then get rid of our servers, antivirus and firewall and save costs there. We could share folders using googledocs instead of windows. We could get desk stands and keyboards to make users more comfortable. The only problem I can think of is the size of the screen, which if people didn't get used to we could plug them into a monitor. I'm sure there must be something glaringly obvious I have missed, if anyone has any thoughts please let me know. Many Thanks

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You would still need the servers to run your web applications.

You would still need a network for the iPads to connect to so that they can get on the internet.

You would still need a firewall to isolate your internal network from the Internet.

What about when you need to do things like graphics editoring, visio, powerpoint, anything which requires flash?

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  • Mattburnett
    Yes sorry so I'm thinking we just have wireless broadband in each office, but no need for an internal network, servers or VPNs as our software is web based and doesn't need to be installed, effectively its a website. And if I put all of our shared folders on google docs then I can't see the need for an interal network at all? So I don't need a server or a firewall? Our e-mail is hosted. I just want to let the internet do the work! In our line of work we don't need visio, powerpoint or anything which requires flash. Sometimes we need to lighten/touch up photos but I think there is a photoshop app? It might be obvious but I haven't actually played with an ipad yet, this is just a crazy idea so far that I've decided to start investigating. It doesn't seem as crazy now as it did when I first thought of it though.
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  • Sixball
    I'm kind of onboard with MrDenny: Totally scrapping an "internal network" is probably a bit rash.. The iPads are great toys, but lack any real processing power, functionality or productivity tools. You mentioned that you're uisng "wireless boradband" - so every iPad has the 3G connections / Data plans? or each site has a wireless connection to the ISP? Just asking as the "every iPad on 3G" doesnt really seem to be that much of a cost savings, and wireless broadbands are for point-to-point site connections, plus you'd still need a way to aggregate and transport your data from said iPads to your ISP (thus requiring at least some network infrastructure to manage your wireless clients) Let us know what you eventually went with, and how it is working for you...
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