Repeated network switch failures

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This is now the third switch at a small business location that has failed. This is their only switch. The first two were Dell, and the last was NetGear. Each time power is fine, but no connectivity. Powering on and off does not help. It has been happening about every 2 months, and it always seems to happen about 4-6 pm. What type of environmental issues might be causing these problems?

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Can you please elaborate the physical location where switch installed? In such cases power fluctuation is one of the main issue. Is any inductive load commissioned on this main line or are your catx cables running near to such load? This may also results a failure of switch ports .

<b>Try to eliminate all possible suspected objects and then try.</b> If possible install small rated UPS to power up the switch.

3 years back I faced similar situation. The A/C adaptor for the switch burnt third time which in turn burnt the 230 Volts line along with the switch and the interior of the reception of business hotel although it is installed in the rack with controlled power. But in my case, it was predictable failure of power adapter.

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  • Gilly400
    Hi, I'd suggest putting some sort of overload protector on the power supply, in case there are some power spikes causing your problem. The other thing to check is what goes on between 4-6pm - for example, are the cleaners busy in that area at that time ? Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • CosmoC
    Could be heat related also. Is there anything blocking the switch fans or air vents? Are the air conditioners turned off (or up/higher temp) after 4:00pm? Another thought... Do you have any PoE devices connected to that switch?
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  • Schmidtw
    We have recently run into a similar all started when we hooked up a new AP. Surprisingly, and whether you believe it or not, APs can mess up switches. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the spanning tree protocol and the misrouting of information.
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  • NileshV
    i think this switchs are going down because of power fluctuations. At one of my site the same has happened so you better rectify power supply.
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  • Shadrac
    Hey guys I was troubleshooting a school network yesterday in Cape Town and I experienced the same problem with two switches.
    all the light shows that the switch is operating perfectly but there is no connectivity whatsoever in the port can you advice me please
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