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I followed directions to change a user's name as per and the entry in admin client is changed, and logging in with the old user id looks fine, but when sending mail it is still sent with the old name. I changed the acl entry in the mail db to the new name, changed the title of the mail db, quit the notes session... But it still says mail is sent from the old name, not the new name. Is there a step that I'm missing? Is this just normal behavior for as long as the old name is honored? Thanks!! Gabe

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Not sure if any of the above would actually be of any help. In fact, you don’t want to take the old name out of the person doc because someone trying to reply to an email sent by the user before the name change would end up with a delivery failure.

My recommendation is to check the location doc (in the personal address book) and the
From the Inbox action bar, click on the Tools button. On the Basics tab, make sure the field “This mail file belongs to” has the new name in it. The AdminP name change process should have changed that for you, but something may have interrupted the process.

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  • PattyK
    See if they are using Stationary. It would need to be re-created with her new name.
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  • Kmpgmr
    This value is determined by the mailfile owner field on the preferences. Sometimes it takes a little longer for the adminp process to complete this step. It can be modified manually, if you want to expedite the process.
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  • Brooklynegg
    If adminp is not making the change, check the mail file's access control. On the advanced tab, review the administrative server. You should know the administrative server for your environment; this does not need to be the same server that the mail file is on. Correct it if it is wrong. Correcting this across your environment The Database Catalog documents the administrative server for all your databases. If there is not a view that shows these for your environment, create one. You can make a copy of the view "Databases\by Server" and add a categorized column in front of the columns in the view, choosing the dbAdminServer field for that new column. This will show you the admin server chosen for all databases in your environment and allow you to create a plan to correct all of them. You can set the admin server on multiple files from the Admin Console.
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  • SoniaC
    When you say "the mail is sent from the old name", where exactly is the old name appearing? If is it incorrect in the top letterhead section of the email and also says "Sent by: " in the letterhead, it may be that the mail file owner has not updated correctly in the Personal Address Book on the client. 1. In either the Mail or Calendar window, click the Tools button 2. Click Preferences. 3. Click the Mail tab, then Basics. 4. Edit the section “This mailfile belongs to:” and reselect the correct name from the Public Address Book (using the small drop down arrow). 5. Click OK. May require a client restart (of just Lotus Notes, not the PC). -SoniaC
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  • Jeff1drum
    Is it just a common name rename or a move to a new certifier? Check you did complete this step. Go into the Administration (Admin4.nsf) database and click on the Name Move Requests in the left pane. Select your rename request and you need to hit the "Complete Move for Selected Entries button. Then you should just be able to change the mailfile owner in Tools - Preferences, and make sure the ACL is updated. It sounds like the AdminP step was not completed. Jeff
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