Rename Printers in logon for Windows Server 2003, with VBScript

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Login scripts
Windows Server 2003 R2
Windows XP SP3
Hi peeps!

Another question! This has been buggin me for a while.

Right, I have a Windows Server 2003 SP2 domain (Not R2) and i have about 90 Windows XP professional SP3 clients. Now I have at least 3 printers that are being shared. The printer share names are:




when staff and student log in they dont get "printer2" "printer3" and "printer4" in printers and faxes window,

it comes up with

"Brother HL-4040cn on server"

"NRG MP C2500 on server"


Here's my script




// Declare All variables Option Explicit

'// Comment this out for debugging! On Error Resume Next

'// Variables Dim network, filesys, shell Dim printer2, printer3, printer4, serverpath, servername

'// Create Windows Scripting Object Set network = CreateObject("WScript.Network") Set filesys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

'// Define UNC Paths servername = "pvserver" serverpath = "" & servername & "" printer2 = serverpath & "Printer2" printer3 = serverpath & "Printer3" printer4 = serverpath & "Printer4"

'// Dont run on the server! If LCase(network.ComputerName) = servername Then   err.Raise1, "Can not run on the server!" End If

'// Map Printers network.AddWindowsPrinterConnection printer2 network.AddWindowsPrinterConnection printer3 network.AddWindowsPrinterConnection printer4

'// Set default printer network.SetDefaultPrinter printer2

'// map network drives network.MapNetworkDrive "s:", serverpath & "software" network.MapNetworkDrive "o:", serverpath & "Pupil Resources" network.MapNetworkDrive "z:", serverpath & "Media" network.MapNetworkDrive "G:", serverpath & "Sherston"


Can anyone rewrite this so you can make it say "printer2" "printer3" "printer4" in printers and faxes in peoples logins?

I'm ripping my hair out :-)

many thanks


Software/Hardware used:
Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows XP Profesional SP3

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Best I can tell you is go to the server and change the share as name to printer1, printer2, printer3, etc. Then your users will see printer1 on server, printer2 on server, etc. As long as he printer is a shared printer in a windows network you will have the “on servername” appened to the printer name. If they are standalone printers on the netwokr not controlled by a print server then you can go chane the name on the printer itself and you will get the result you want


AFAIK, changing the share name won’t help (and I think Philcrox already did that). The share name is what users will see if they navigate to the remote server, but the name they see in their machines will depend on the printer name on the server, not on the share name.

To rename a local printer one could use the RenamePrinter WMI method, but if you try to run it against a remote printer you will get an ‘invalid printer name’ error as result.

The closest I think you can get to what you want would be renaming the printer on the server, so your users will see the name as “printer1 <b>on server</b> as Spadasoe stated above”


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