removing virus

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how can remove virus from computer .

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If you are able to download Malwarebytes, I would recommend installing and running this program first. If you are certain that you have a virus, you might want to disable the system restore function until you have cleaned all virus activity off the computer. If Malwarebytes finds something, it will show you what you’ve got on your PC….and it’s always a good idea to Goggle what it finds. That way, if there are any special instructions for your particular virus, you will know. Good luck!


All you can do is update your antivirus, then let it run a full scan and from there let the antivirus do the work.. at times it might ask you what is your next time if to quarantine or delete and you might have to intervene on that part.

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  • simu7989
    Use dos boot scan antivirus for remove virus from system
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  • TomLiotta
    You have three general directions for actions to take.   First, find someone competent with the type of computer that you have and have that person do it for you. That's the best choice.   Second, have anyone who has installed an anti-virus product before do it for you. That will probably work okay for you.   Third, locate and obtain one of the many anti-virus products, and install it yourself. Follow whatever instructions come with the product that you choose. This is what most people do.   There is a potential problem if your computer is infected with a virus. The anti-virus product can become infected as soon as you try to install it on the infected computer. To avoid that, any instructions should be fully understood and followed completely and carefully. If you don't already know how these processes work, instructions probably won't make complete sense to you. And because of that, any instructions that we give probably won't make complete sense either.   Tom
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  • theorn
    The most efficient way albeit the most advanced, is to use a live Linux distro CD, backup your files and remove through the file system,  Linux doesn’t respond to Mal-ware written for Windows architecture, it is safe to use. Once this has been completed, then you can use AV software to remove the remnants of the infection; rinse and repeat until gone, uninstall AV software, find another free one, rinse and repeat. Something else to keep in mind is Mal-ware is not a virus so you will want to also look into MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. WARNING: when removing virus/Mal-ware, no matter what method deployed, you always run a risk of leaving the system inoperable. Mal-ware can be written to delete certain files if they are removed, ensuring you are left with a crapped out system. ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR DATA!
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  • Subhendu Sen
    First of all, go step by step..... try to recognize virus type. is it boot sector virus / general malware which prevents to do any task on ur pc !! there r lots of viruses which behave different manner. If it is boot sec virus, then take help from any Live CD (recommended ubuntu / avg / kaspersky live  or rescue cd) or if is infected by any general virus, take help from MWAV for emergency scans. Though live cd also works for the same.
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  • Harisheldon
    I have read many of the post that have contributed to your question and none of them have stated a very important fact.  You cannot have more than one anti-virus software on your system.  For those in the IT field, this is a very obvious statement, but there are those who do not know this.  I had to work on a system and he had four anti-virus software programs on his computer.  If thought that if was better protected that way but all it was doing was crashing his system.  So, before you install a different product, make sure that you fully uninstall the other.
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