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I just noticed that my USB pen drive was infected by a virus. Now, everything is hidden in it. I had so much information on there. I tried the CMD attrib command but that didn't work. What can I do?

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You can try running a program like Malwarbytes or another good AV program. Install your USB drive and point it to scan your USB drive. If your USB drive is infected I would assume the system you use in on most often is also infected. Scan that system as well. Also if the USB is infected DO NOT USE IT on another computer as you may infect that one..

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  • Kevin Beaver
    It sounds like you need to clean the malware off and you should be good to go IF the malware didn't corrupt your files or encrypt them. Check out Hitman Pro as well.
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  • bhannah
    You need to scan both USB drive and the system that you normally attach the USB Drive too for Viruses and Malware with a reputable A/V / Antimalware product. This product needs to be set to scan upon insertion of any device. If it is infected then the infection may be masking other infections. You will need to do a thorough scan and not the quick scans. You also will need to do a scan of any and all devices that you may have attached the USB Drive to.
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  • 0scorpion0
    I hope you'd backed up the data on that, before all this happened. Most anti-malware applications automatically quarantine files that they detect as malicious --- which may be why you can't see anything on your drive.

    Soon as you plug it into system running an anti-malware solution, the drive would likely be scanned automatically, and if any malware is found on it, the files would be quarantined, which is why you can't see them.

    To rule this out, find out what solution is running on the system, and open the vendor website to see how to be able to check the files it has quarantined. If your files have been detected, they will be there.

    After that, you might try copying them and scanning them to try and clean them. Good luck...
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