Remote Access of WinXP Pro Domain Server through VPN

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I set up a windows XP Pro machine as a domain server with permission for limited user access. It works fine from the workgroup and I can connect from any location in the office using my user ID as an Administrator. When I go to connect to the server through the VPN Router, I can't get access to Administrative Tools or Files as part of the Admin users group. All permissions have been set for full access and control. the only way I can access is to allow permission for everyone. Can someone please offer help in resolving this problem.

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Can you clarify how you are connecting to the machine through the VPN? Are you using Remote Desktop or a separate program? How are you trying to access the folders? If only everyone permission lets you view the files, this would suggest you aren’t logging on to the local machine with an account it recognises. You should investigate your authentication system.

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  • Howard2nd
    D'oh! XP Pro as a domain server - more like a super member of a workgroup, I think. Clue is failure through VPN - check ports. Microsoft uses different ports for SMB and Login and Application controls. Watch for very strange results when running 'tools' remotely. Some will execute against the system they are on, and others will try to run from that system BUT against your system.
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  • Boardinhank
    You might have to clearify your process a little more. If I am understanding you right you have an XP machine that can access everything you need when you are on the local network by logging in as administrator to the XP machine. But when you are coming in remotely you log in through VPN and cannot gain same access to those resources...? If that is any where close to what you are doing then I would like to know if your username and password for the VPN is the same as the username and pass you use to log into your XP box with. Your VPN credentials are the ones being used once logged in through VPN not your windows unless you are setting it up to do so. So tell us more about the VPN server and how you log into that.
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  • Mferg624
    Yeah, as a few others have already asked how exactly are you connecting, and are you sure it is xp pro? Xp pro can't be a domain server, unless you just mean you are using it as some type of server in your local domain or are you using 2003 server? As far as access to files and tools if you are using Remote desktop you shouldn't need to be adjusting permissions to gain access to normal admin tools, however all accounts that need to connect through RD need to have a password set on them. If I had to guess you are just connecting through normal file shares. If that's the case I would want to know more about how your domain is setup and what you have for vpn. I do this same thing at the company I work for and it works great but there are a variety of factors that may stop you. I would suggest using Remote Desktop as it gives you console access and as someone else stated running admin tools from command line can be somewhat tricky if your not careful. Basically more info would be good.
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  • greatjubee
    User name and password are same on VPN as well as XP machine. I can access all the workgroup computers through VPN. I was doing fine till someone added a folder to the server and allowed access to eyeryone as part of the permission list. I can't find how to work around this one folder. I had user permissions groups set instead of adding just the user groups this person added the "everyone access" to the folder permissions. Once they did that I haven't been able to work around that other than allow everyone access to folders so I can access through VPN.
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