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Hi, Myself Vijay.I am having 4 yrs of experience in c++ development.But I think i cant go with development any more becuase its tough for me to handle.So i have two choice : testing and SAP BASIS.As i heard that SAP basis is the grooming field providing good package and covering best scope in future,I am thinking to move in SAP basis.The company in which I am working is CMM LEVEL5 company.SO i dont think it will be tough for me to switch in SAP basis inside this company.BUT i feel that i will be back in package in terms of my friends because i have to give atleast 2 years in SAP basis on my current package and then I will get a growth-But i feel that after 2 years of expe in SAP basis and 4 yrs of back IT experience give me a good hike. Another option is that i can show my 4 yr of experience in testing and go for a good hike.. Please guide me which option is best for me..I am highly confused.. Your suggestion will give a new life to my life..

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Vijay, I have a sincere suggestion to you, before you take any of these two options: first a retrospective self-analysis, introspection is required to find out how you could sustain yourself in a CMMI level 5 company for 4 years as a C++ programmer. I don’t think it is possible for any one unless he is quite good at his job especially in a CMM level 5 company and doing C++. There is some other reason behind your move that you have not stated here but you know very well.

Showing your 4 years experience as a tester will be a bluff to the organizations where you show it seeking a job. And any smart interviewer will make it out easily.

If you can settle yourself in SAP Basis within this organization, it will be very good, without worrying about the commercial benefits to you, close your eyes and go for it, as in the longer run, you will not be a looser.

But first introspect – why you want to take this move? And also think if after 4 years you think the same about Testing or SAP wherever you go, what next?

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  • NIAT2004
    Good to see ur reply. This is true that i am able to sustain myself in c++ development for four years.How i able to do that?My answer is due to God...Whenver i get some tough development to do,god comes to help me sometime in term of friend and some in term of my manager..But i know that i will not be able to carry more because i used to get headache when i read customer mail regardng issues. I am not able to analyze the issues.. I tried multiple times by giving interview in c++ but whenever interview puts some questions then my mind diverts from question and my mind starts thinkign that i wont be able to answer his question and finally i get stucked and failed to clear interview... The lose of confidence ..before answering anything my mind starts thing that i wont be able to answer and i failed to answer.I know one thing that i am a hard workign guy but when something comes to analyze anything or somebody asks something to me ..i loose my confidence.... I dont know whether you want to know the story of my loosr confidence or not but i feel that i will not be able to carry the development beacuse it requires analyzing part the most whereas SAP basis is totalyy based on commands and i am having a sharp memory to remember... currently i am havinga package of 4 lac and if i take a switch in testing iwill get a good package of 7 lac atleast.I know very well that i will be able to clear the testing interview but i am not getting calls in that.I had a knowledge on testing also by learning thrgh organisational training notes.. I had done training on SAP basis in NOida and enjoyed lot . I love tough installation and commands processing system..But the point is that will company allow me to switch to another technology or my manager will release me from my project.... I want one favour from you..Will in SAP basis i get a good exposure after giving two years of my life and is there any onsite opportunity in that... hope i had not irritated you but this is my true story..I know very well that i can do best in SAP basis...BUt to stop my career for two years is the best decision or not..
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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    Vijay, first of all it is great to know your weaknesses, and you have identified them very well, low in analysis and confidence. now your first task is to win over them. you dont want to stay in development is not a major issue, but winning over these issues is very important, not only win, but you have to convince yourself that you have won over these to excel in life. now you have two options: 1. switch to QA and you are convinced that you will get a jump of 3 lac (i and not convinced unless it happens actually) and you are saying this on the basis of some theoretical knowledge, some sessions attended on QA. You say you are not getting any calls for this post - how will you manage to get a call? 2. If you switch over to SAP Basis, for 2 years probably no major jump but i can assure you that it has a good scope in future so that means you can cover up this in next few years. Now looking at your overall picture, i will prefer you to go for SAP Basis based on following facts: 1. QA is a dream but you are still not very confident. it is you imagination of 7 lac but how and when you don't know. 2. SAP Basis is within your organization, so it is better to go to a newer technology within your current place within known people and culture to focus 100% on just SAP Basis. 3. your confidence is more in SAP rather than QA and least in C++ the point you have raised if your boss will allow you to leave current project or not? for within your organization movement, you can go to superiors (your boss' boss) and tell them your problem of not being comfortable in development, and about your confidence in SP Basis, they will help you.
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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    one more thing i wanted to ask Vijay - for all these 4 years have you been involved in hardcode serious and complex coding or were in support team (helpdesk) sort of scenario.
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