Referential integrity and AS/400

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Can anyone please explain what refrential integrity means and how does it relate to AS/400? Regards, Shaddy

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Shaddy –

It is a concept that relates to any database. It’s not specific to the AS/400.


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  • philpl1jb
    This concept relates a field in one table to a key field of another table. The customer number in the order table must exist in the customer table. Often enforced through programs it can also be enforced by the DBMS as it is often done in SQL server or Oracle. Phil
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  • TopKat
    Referential integrity refers to relationships between files. Each customer order in an order header/master file has to have a matching record in the customer master file. Using referential integrity I can have the system prevent the deletion of a customer master record if there are any records in the order file that are tied to the customer. This prevents what are known as orphan records - order records that do not have a matching customer master record. You can take this down further where you have order detail records and order header records. You use referential integrity to prevent the order header record from being deleted if order detail records exist for that order.
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  • SBatSI
    MIS is certainly correct in stating that referential integrity is not specific to the AS/400. It may be worth noting that the legacy AS/400 applications I have worked with address the physical and logical files on the AS/400 directly, rather than through the SQL interface supported by DB2 (the database built into the OS of the AS/400); this means that these applications have to enforce relational integrity in the programming. It is only with newer applications that are based on DB2 SQL that the database itself enforces relational integrity. Hope this helps... Steve B
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  • Cwc
    Referential integrity can be implemented in DB2/400 through any physical file or table, whether that file was created through the SQL or DDS interface. The database would then enforce those rules regardless of how the data is updated, whether by SQL or record level access from an HLL program, such as RPG, COBOL, C, etc. A lot of System i applications were designed before the referential integrity concept was introduced, so that is why the data integrity rules were enforced through the application programs. But there's nothing that would prevent them from being able to use referential integrity now.
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  • SBatSI
    Cwc - I stand corrected, and thanks for the good info. Regards, Steve B
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