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I need some inputs on how to minimise the implimentation time on installing an ERP, like for example, the product can be pre-configured based on if there are any templates which is readily can be mapped to different verticals..will be helpful to achieve..

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You didn’t mention what ERP system you are implementing. Do you have an existing ERP system that you are converting from? Are you planning on keeping any of the data from the old system? I’ve been through a few ERP implementations and have found it is very important to do a thourough analysis of the data and make sure it is converted properly. Improper conversion can lead to months of headaches after implementation. You may want to consider running parallel for a while (we never did).

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  • Colouredstar
    Seeking to minimise the implementation time on an ERP installation is simply saving up problems for the future... You have to understand current business processes and future business goals/objectives fully in order to have the best chance of correctly configuring the system. Skipping time on this means that there will be problems later That said, are you seeking to reduce the overall effort required to implement the system, are you working to a fixed date and cannot see how to cover all that you need in the no. of days available or are you budget constrained? Options that may be open to you are: i) Prioritise functional requirements: must have's, important but not urgent, nice to have's. You can control the functional scope according to the business needs by doing this and thereby ensure that critical & important functionality is in place when the system goes live ii) Be prepared for yourself & implementation team members to work whatever hours are needed to get the work done in the no. of days available. This is okay for a short time but after a while productivity will drop iii) Assign additional resource to the implementation team. If you are not familiar with it already you may want to read "The Mythical Man Month" to understand how putting two people onto a task which is estimated at 30 days work will not mean it is completed in 15 days iv) Employ an experienced Project Manager who has implemented ERP's (and preferably the one you are working with) before. The knowledge this person will bring is likely to be invaluable Don't forget an ERP is usually a major investment for any organisation and one that is typically going to be in place for 5-10 years (or more in some cases!). Get it wrong up front and the pain will be felt for a long time...
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  • KrisDV
    As a senior ERP cosultant I agree with colouredstar: You do not want saving implementation time and money your prime goal, making a solid and good implementation is your prime and only goal at this time. Saving money comes later if you have a good ERP and implementation. An ERP implementation is an investment, That is also why you don't run to another ERP vendor because he/she has good marketing and is popular in your area of era of time. Implementation times vary between ERP systems, selected modules and your starting position (another ERP?or nothing,...) and of your people (level of schooling, acceptance of standard solutions,...). Find a good consultant you can trust, and listen to him, think it over, verify, all you like, they are not all crooks but some companies and consultants are (like in all jobs) Good luck with the implementation of whatever soft it is you selected.
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