How to redirect Lotus Notes email to another mailbox

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Lotus Notes email
How can I redirect e-mails from lotus to another mail box?

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You have some options here, depending on what you want to accomplish. If the user is away temporarily, he/she may want to set up a forwarding rule. If an employee has departed, you could delete the user in the public address book, but add the departed user’s email address to the User Name field in someone else’s (the supervisor, for instance) person document in the PAB, and the mail will drop into that person’s mail. You could create a special mailbox to receive all mail addressed to one or more departed employees. Personally, I like a clean cutoff – just let the mail bounce, and the sender will soon figure out that the employee has gone.

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  • HungTran
    If you have access to your Domino Server Address Book, open that Person Document and type in the intended Forwarding Address for that user in that field.
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  • Supposer
    What about redirecting a single email? In a company environment, sometimes you get emails that are better answered by another employee. You could forward, but then if the other employee replies, it comes back to you, not the customer! And it then has the header of your cross company forward in the body of the email as well, very messy. It would be better if the email looked as if it magically went to that other employee, so they could reply direct to the customer, with you, the "middleman", not even appearing. And if you have a secretary receiving a general email account such as, he/she should be able to re-direct emails to the support team based on expertise and load balancing. Again, forwarding sucks. Redirect, where email looks like it went straight from customer -> support expert would be best. Eudora and Thunderbird both could do it, why not Notes?
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  • CallMeRich
    Supposer, I think the only solution that would work for "one off" situations (i.e., individual e-mail messages occasionally needing redirected), you'd probably need to write a Notes application which allows users to "flag" an e-mail message in their mail DB and specify to whom it should be delivered. That Notes app would need a scheduled agent (signed by an .ID that has access to everyone's mail DB and set to run every five minutes) will simply copy/move the doc from its current mail DB to the target mail DB. Not too tough of an agent to write ... and all kinds of additional features could be added. Hope this helps.
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  • Supposer
    Rich, thanks for the answer, I was afraid of that reply. I don't do Notes code, I'm just an end user. Has anybody already written an app like this for download or purchase? I can't be the first person on the planet to want this feature, and obviously the Eudora and Thunderbird developers considered it important enough to add it. So do you know where can I get it, without having to ask my IT guy to re-invent the wheel? Its got to be out there somewhere.
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  • Supposer
    I'm guessing by the lack of response that maybe an app that redirects doesn't exist. The more I use Notes, the more I can't believe what a Mickey Mouse program it is. I still haven't found a way to search both my Inbox and Sent with a single search. Is the idea of viewing a "conversation" that foreign to the Notes developers?
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  • SlikTool
    @Supposer - and everyone else for that matter - this can EASILY be handled by a mail rule. Mail rules have been around for like 10 years. If can be of any further assistance, please let me know. I don't know enough about the version you are using or anything like that. But as long as you can make the emails that need to be forwarded this can be done with a rule.
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  • TSKnoxville
    Supposer, Re: I still haven’t found a way to search both my Inbox and Sent with a single search. I don't know if this will work for you, but I do this every day. I select the "All Documents" view and search. I can either sort on a variety of fields including "Who" or "Subject" or "Date". If you want a more full featured search, I recommend clicking VIew menu and "Search This View". Expand the MORE twistie all the way to the right, typically above the Date or Size column. I think click "Create Index" or "Update Index". I am then able to search just generically for text or for text within a field... etc. It's worth checking out. Re: The more I use Notes, the more I can’t believe what a Mickey Mouse program it is. I support both systems. People have preferences... and prejudices. Many people find Outlook to be more intuitive than Lotus Notes; others prefer Notes for the same reason. Some think that Lotus Notes is more powerful in its workflow capabilitiies, and others prefer Outlook/Exchange. They're both just software to do certain things very well... but many companies try to shoehorn one piece of software to do EVERYTHING, whether it's the best option or not.
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  • Featured Member: SlikTool - ITKE Community Blog
    [...] How to redirect Lotus Notes email to another mailbox [...]
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  • Laxmiraju
    I had to redirect all the e-mails to my other id.

    Got to rules -> new rule ->
    First drop down, select All documents and click on Add on right side
    Second drop down, "send copy to" put your e-mail id and click on Add Action.

    Once done, click on OK.  It should work :)

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  • Brijesh

    Select all mails you want to attach, right click on the selected mails, from the menu select Forward and it will open the new message with all selected mails in the body of the new message.

    Try this:

    1. Drag your email to e.g. your desktop or to an explorer instance (will be saved as an eml file).
    2. Attach this file to your opened email by either selecting it with the paperclip menu item or drag 'n drop the file into the opened email.


    1.     Open msg
    2.     Save to desktop
    3.     Open new mail
    4.     Attached *.eml file on desktop

    Hope this helps.

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