Red hat Vs SUSE linux

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Hi, Can anyone tell me the advantages and benefits of using SUSE linu over red Hat. The factors to be considered are: scalability,reliability,cost-effectivity,security and maintainance. Is there any specific difference in performence.Please help.

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Suse is really robust.i loved it when i used it.But sience novel got it and meses around to get$$$ i switched to Ubuntu and i love it even more.

I say if you like to pay for support you wil get one by using suse.It is real robust gui oriented .

If you like to figure out how things are done by reserching posts and support from comunity ubuntu is here to stay at no charge and its suport from comunity is really wide and growing.

redhat -no thank you.

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I would say if you are any closer to use the OS on the Enterprise levalelthen nothing better than global leader in Linux Red Hat. It gives excellent and speedy updates with quality support. Just sit and work with free mind.

– AMit

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  • LinuxWeather
    Saying RedHat isn't worthwhile is a bit capricious, especially considering the points the originally poster made... [1] Reliability, security, support, ESB, etc ... there is only one real choice, RedHat Enterprise Linux ... I have been in the linux field since the days we all debated what the logo should be (Torvalds UniX = TUX, not a parody on a Penguin looking like he is wearing a tuxedo, although more than likely a thought in the strained acronym) Anyway -- for a enterprise network, for multiple remote servers, RHEL is the way to go ... it is reliable, provides easy updates and scales well ... if you want only the latest and greatest software and hardware support, then Fedora or Ubuntu are for you.... We are a large network of over 3,000 servers and 10,000 workstations ... we run RHEL ... on my personal laptop and desktop I run Fedora 8 .... I like Fedora more than the other flavors because I grew up with it ... that is really the only advantage for most members of the community ... if you are new to Gnu/Linux, and want to learn easily and quickly, Ubuntu or Fedora are definitely the way to go ... I am not a fan of Ubuntu for several personal reasons ... I have used it a few times and found it a little less intuitive than Fedora, but that is probably because I am more used to Fedora The key to Gnu/Linux is to STICK WITH A DISTRO ... and learn it, learn it, learn it ... you can't jump around except in the RHEL-Fedora-CentOS arena since they are all based on the same source ... another reason to take RedHat over others because you can run RHEL in production, then CentOS in development and Fedora on personal PCs... Anyway ... I recommend to new users Fedora or Ubuntu and to companies RHEL 1005 without hesitation
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Suse Linux is the best choice for ur purpose. As the q's u hv on scalability, security etc.etc.... in suse they r all under one roof. It has a very good gui and security system and not only that, also has cost-effective and reliable. Red hat has only one i.e. server version now we get its Desktop version probably called Fedora. But Suse has both and to maintain it easily.
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