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I accidentally connected my PC cabinet fan power plug into my SATA hard disk power, causing the HD power connector to spark. After that, my PC isn't recognizing the HDD and there's no power reaching it. How can I recover my data? Is it fried?

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Most probably, There is a way to recover ur data from HDD. I also have same problem when my hdd damaged by falling on the ground and there was no response from it. I used “Recover My Files” a SW that helps me back maximum data from the damaged HDD. But it is not free and u have to buy to get full feature. There is no guarantee to return back 100% of ur data, but some of data u may get back. U can try also.
Remember: There is a trial version of this said SW, so 1st u download this trial version then try with it, at least it shows ur data and folders…. but can’t allow to recover data. So from Trial version, at least u will get sure that it might be recoverable or not.

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When we talk about hardware damage in your hard disk drive, I’m afraid to say that there is no option at all to recover your data if that is the case. This is because it is a hardware damage and you cannot fix a hardware damage from these types of sensitive devices. You can only recover lost data when it was deleted and the device is still working.

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  • Technochic
    Sunds like it's fried, yes. You could try calling the manufacturer but it is not likely to be covered under warranty. The data may be recoverable using the right tools. but I have never had to do that myself so I don't have a recommendation. I'd definitely get a new hard drive so if you do recover the data you have a drive to put it on. Get a good backup system as well so you have your data backed up for any future mishaps.
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  • mitrum
    As your PC isn't recognizing the HDD. If it is outoff warranty. You can try to replace Mainboard of your hdd with same one as it burned out. But you need to buy as hdd as old one i.e. mainboard & manufacturer should be same. or visit good data recovery shop for your data.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    One more suggestion, also try to disconnect the damaged HDD and attach with a running computer as a slave disk (better is XP computer). and try to see if the disk is visible thru My computer > Manage > Disk Management or whether xp detects it automatically. U can try the same with Linux Computer also try to see the disk by giving the command : fdisk -l
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  • carlosdl
    But, if no power is reaching the disk, that's the first thing that needs to be taken care of. Without power there is no way to make the disk work to try to recover the data.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @ Carlosdl, I provided, for just take a chance ! At least once just detach the HDD and do as I suggested! I know there is no power detects, but it is a chance (better say luck) not a solution. Thanks
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  • Maankey
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