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What can I do to recover my administrator password on a Windows 2008 server? We have extensive backups and lots of local user accounts but the administrator account can not be logged into. We think we have the password correct but it just will not work. I have full access to the server and installation media but can not risk losing the system data at all.

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Two commercial options:

Windows Password Recovery

There are anecdotes that say the NT Offline Recovery;option works, but it is not so stated on the website.

There are Linux-based disks if you know what you are doing.

Security isn’t security if you can hack administrator passwords easily. As this is a company, check out the commercial options. They are not expensive, and may come in handy another time.

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  • Maryburan
    Make sure that you do the following on your computer or another computer with the owners permission only. If you don't want to change the password: 1 > Get a program called Ophcrack(very large. 496Mb) 2 >> Download the liveCD (ISO) 3 >> Burn the ISO to a CD using an ISO burner 4 >> The Live CD's come with the free rainbow tables, so you might need to download other tables (cost money) 4 >> Bootup from the CD 5 >> Crack the SAM and System file ophcrack is also a Linux-based disk. But not easy to use for new user! commercial option that I will recommend Windows Password Reset Standard and Windows Password Unlocker!
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  • Loarpa
    I have been looking for my Windows Server 2008 domain password recovery solutions. Fortunately, I got out of problem with Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery Corporation safely and quickly!
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  • Koohiisan
    Wow, hate to help resurrect such an old thread...but I've had great experience with Trinity Rescue Kit in this situation.
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  • locasleee
    If your computer is lone, you can use this tool: Windows Password Rescuer Professional,it can recover the password in a few minutes. If your computer is on a domain, you can use Windows Password Rescuer Advanced, These tools can help you recover your password in several minutes.You also can use Windows Password Rescuer to add a new user with administrator privilege to your Windows. With this New user account you can logon your locked computer directly to copy important data from the locked computer if you want to reinstall your Windows system at last.
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  • tomsmi
    how to recovery and backup my windows server 2012 
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  • Elizine
    • Boot from the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 DVD
    • From the Install Windows menu, click “Next”.
    • Select “Repair your computer”
    • In the System Recovery Options, select the Operating System instance that you wish to repair and click “Next”.
    • Select “Command Prompt”. The
    • At the command prompt, run the following commands:

      cd windows\system32
      ren Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.old
      copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe

    • Reboot the server allowing Windows to load as normal
    • At the logon screen, press Windows Key + U.
    • As the command prompt, enter the following command:

      net user administrator Password12
      This will set the password for the Administrator user to be Password12 (case sensitive).

    Closing the command prompt, you should now be able to log back onto the server using the password you have provided in the last step.

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  • Subhendu Sen
    There are several ways, but before that, you can check here for Microsoft support:
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