Records with null value not in output

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SQL Query
See query: select distinct f2.description Business_Unit, f3.description Department, f4.description Function, a.segment5 Account, f5.description Account_Description, sum(nvl(d.entered_dr,0) - nvl(d.entered_cr,0)) Actual, (Select sum(nvl(dd.entered_dr,0) - nvl(dd.entered_cr,0)) from apps.gl_je_headers_v cc, APPS.GL_JE_LINES_V dd, apps.gl_code_combinations aa, apps.fnd_flex_values_vl ff2, apps.fnd_flex_values_vl ff3, apps.fnd_flex_values_vl ff4, apps.fnd_flex_values_vl ff5, apps.gl_budget_versions ee where dd.code_combination_id = aa.CODE_COMBINATION_ID and dd.code_combination_id = d.code_combination_id and cc.JE_HEADER_ID = dd.JE_HEADER_ID and cc.BUDGET_VERSION_ID = ee.BUDGET_VERSION_ID AND aa.segment2 = ff2.flex_value AND aa.segment3 = ff3.flex_value AND aa.segment4 = ff4.flex_value AND aa.segment5 = ff5.flex_value and ee.BUDGET_NAME = '&Budget_Name' and aa.segment5 in ( '34001', '34002', '34011', '34012', '34013', '34014', '34015', '34016', '34051', '34052', '34053', '34054') and cc.actual_flag = 'B' AND ff2.flex_value_set_id = 1009628 AND ff3.flex_value_set_id = 1009629 AND ff4.flex_value_set_id = 1009630 AND ff5.flex_value_set_id = 1009631) Budget from apps.gl_je_headers_v c, APPS.GL_JE_LINES_V d, apps.gl_code_combinations a, apps.fnd_flex_values_vl f2, apps.fnd_flex_values_vl f3, apps.fnd_flex_values_vl f4, apps.fnd_flex_values_vl f5 where c.JE_HEADER_ID = d.JE_HEADER_ID and d.code_combination_id = a.CODE_COMBINATION_ID AND a.segment2 = f2.flex_value AND a.segment3 = f3.flex_value AND a.segment4 = f4.flex_value AND a.segment5 = f5.flex_value and c.actual_flag = 'A' and d.effective_Date between TO_CHAR(TO_DATE('01-APR-2007', 'DD-MON-YYYY')) and TO_CHAR(TO_DATE('31-MAR-2008', 'DD-MON-YYYY')) AND f2.flex_value_set_id = 1009628 AND f3.flex_value_set_id = 1009629 AND f4.flex_value_set_id = 1009630 AND f5.flex_value_set_id = 1009631 and a.segment5 in ( '34001', '34002', '34011', '34012', '34013', '34014', '34015', '34016', '34051', '34052', '34053', '34054') group by d.code_combination_id, f2.description, f3.description, f4.description, a.segment5, f5.description order by f2.description, f3.description, f4.description, f5.DESCRIPTION; My query is not showing the records where actual is null but budget has values. Please can you assist? Thanks

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Have a look at this website…


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