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I have a window screen in AS/400 with a CTRL and subfile format. I would also use a standard format in the screen to define the function key available in the CTRL format. How do I do it?

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OS400 - DDS

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thank you every body, philpl1jb has the response, i have made a test and it is the right answer to my question.

I have test the folowing code with code design and will install monday on as400

     H* WINDOWS OVERLAY affichage outq
     A*%%TS  SD  20060421  160233  QPGMR       REL-V5R1M0  5722-WDS
     A                                      DSPSIZ(24 80 *DS3)
     A                                      CF06(06)
     A                                      CF04(04)
     A                                      CF03(03)
     A          R RMVWDM                    CLRL(*NO) OVERLAY FRCDTA
     A          R DUMMY                     ASSUME
     A                                 11  1′ ‘
     A          R SFL1                      SFL
     A*%%TS  SD  20050913  124447  QPGMR       REL-V5R1M0  5722-WDS
     A*                                     SFLNXTCHG
     A* 72                                  DSPATR(PC)
     A            SEL2           1A  B  3  1
     A            Z11F          39A  O  3  3
     A*           Z21F          41A  O  4  1
     A            HI1FIL        20   H
     A            RRN1           4  0H
     A          R CTL1                      SFLCTL(SFL1)
     A*%%TS  SD  20060316  160746  QPGMR       REL-V5R1M0  5722-WDS
     A                                      ROLLUP(95 ‘ROLL UP’)
     A                                      OVERLAY
     A  77                                  SFLDSP
     A  76                                  SFLDSPCTL
     A  75                                  SFLCLR
     A  77                                  SFLEND
     A                                      SFLSIZ(0015)
     A                                      SFLPAG(0014)
     A                                      WINDOW(3 34 19 43)
     A                                      WDWBORDER((*COLOR RED) (*CHAR ‘…:-
     A                                      ::.:’))
     A                                  1 16’Détail Code’
     A                                      DSPATR(UL)
     A                                      DSPATR(HI)
     A            TXTTI2        41A  O  2  1
     A            RRNDS1         4S 0H      SFLRCDNBR(CURSOR)
     A          R REC2WIN2                   WINDOW(CTL1)
     A                                       OVERLAY
     A                                 19  1 ‘F3 Exit ‘




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  • philpl1jb

    Are you asking what the dds should look like or what the program to load and support the subfile should look like? -- there are plenty of examples on the web

    If it's the program then  which language would you be using? RPGLE or COBOL - there are plenty of examples on the web

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  • TomLiotta

    It's not clear at all what is needed. What is a "standard format in the screen"?

    Usually, the term "format" would mean a 'record format'. But you can't exactly create one record format that defines attributes of a different record format. The major point of a record format is to define attributes that apply only to format being defined.

    You can define 'file level' attributes that apply to all formats. Perhaps that's what you're after. You might be able to use conditioning indicators to enable the attribute only when certain formats are displayed.


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  • BigKat
    I believe he is looking to do the equivalent of writing a screen (f-key footer) and overlaying the control and sub-file records to create a composite screen.  I may be wrong, but I do not think that is possible with windowed screens.  I put the f-keys on the window control
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  • CharlieBrowne

    BigKat is correct.

    Usually the top of the screen is in your CTRL format

    The center of your screen is in your SFL format

    And the bottom of the screen is another format

    You write the BOTTM format and the do you EXFMT of the CTRL format. You must specify OVERLAY in the DDS for this format.

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  • philpl1jb

    Oh .. of course pages 143 and 144

    1.  Create a general window record (WDR1) <-- window record name


    2.  Create a footer record (FootW1) for the window with the record level  keyword:  WINDOW(WDR1) .. This should use row numbers near the bottom of the window .. if window is 12 high then row 11.

    3.  The sfl conrol record should contain the record level keywords WINDOW(WDR1) and OVERLAY .. an remember the sfl and control shouldn't use any rows used by the footer


    In the program

    1.  Write the window (WDR1)

    2.  Write the windowFooter

    3.  Exfmt (or write) the SFLCTL


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  • Splat
    To display available function keys in display formats using the WINDOW keyword I use the WDWTITLE keyword and a program-to-system field as follows:

    WDWTITLE((*TEXT &CMDLN1) *LEFT *BOTTOM)                                

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  • TomLiotta
    But a 'footer' doesn't "define" any F-keys for the window. It's just constant text. And without having a clue what is meant by a "standard" format, it's guesswork. The F-keys need to be "defined" on the record format that is being read for input. (Depending on what "defined" means for this question.) -- Tom
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  • TomLiotta
    In the 'Answer', the F-keys are defined at the file-level; but they aren't conditioned. Since the DDS seems only to be intended to define a window, it doesn't matter if they're at the file- or record-level nor if they're conditioned. -- Tom
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  • philpl1jb

    Glad I could help.

    Not exactly my answer  .. I have a generic window record.


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