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Microsoft Outlook
In Outlook, I can send but cannot receive an email.

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Try this :

Step 1: Open the Mail Setup dialog box

   1. Click Start, click Run, type Control in the Open box, and then click OK.
   2. Follow the below steps in case of  Windows Vista: Click User accounts, and then click Mail.
   3. The Mail Setup dialog box opens.

Step 2: Start the New Profile wizard

   1. Click Show Profiles.
   2. Click Add to start the New Profile wizard.

Step 3: Create a profile

   1. In the Profile Name box, type Test, and then click OK to name the new e-mail profile.
   2. Follow the steps Microsoft Office Outlook 2007:
               1. Click to select the Manually configure server settings check box.
               2. Click Next.
               3. On the Choose E-mail service page, click Internet E-mail.
               4. Click Next.
             5. Fill in the boxes in the Internet E-mail Settings
dialog box. Make sure that the Account Type setting is set to POP3.
   Enter the information from your ISP or from your e-mail
administrator in the Incoming mail server box and in the Outgoing mail
server (SMTP) box.
               6. Click Next, follow the prompts to finish setting up your account, and then click Finish.
               7. Your new profile is created. Go to step 4.

Step 4: Set the default profile

 1. On the Mail dialog box, under the When Starting Microsoft Outlook,
use this profile box, click to select the new profile that you created
in step 3.
   2. Click OK.
   3. Use Outlook to send yourself an e-mail.

Hope this helps. 

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  • TomLiotta
    What did your Support group tell you when you reported the problem? . Tom
    125,585 pointsBadges:
  • CharlieBrowne
    Was it working before? If so, tell us what changed and then we can point you in the right direction
    62,385 pointsBadges:
  • TokZik

    what are you using as a service? GMAIL, EXCHANGE?  and as CharlieBrown asked, was it working before and did anything change?

    25 pointsBadges:
  • mierjk
    Tom......i'm unaware of any support group (whom i did not ask) charlie....this is a new installation due to switch from comcast internet cable access to a wi-fi installation at our retirement center residence......had to change from comcast e-mail address to a gmail e-mail address....... jack
    40 pointsBadges:
  • TomLiotta
    ...due to switch ... to a wi-fi installation at our retirement center residence……had to change from comcast e-mail address to a gmail e-mail address…
    In that case, either the WiFi service provider or GMail would be your 'Support' group. We have no knowledge of who supplies your WiFi nor how they do it. And we can't do anything about GMail; that's a service of Google.
    You should read the FAQ for this site to understand what we do here. General home usage is usually outside of our areas because it infringes on the work of other IT professionals. We'd effectively be displacing their jobs (possibly one of our own).
    125,585 pointsBadges:
  • Subhendu Sen
    Take a look at here, it may help U:
    140,850 pointsBadges:
  • mierjk
    thank you all for your is appreciated... tom, thank you for letting me know about the status of the participants of this site....I did not realize it was not related to individual (home) problems and solely to corporate (group) usage.....I will not participate any longer........thanx, again......
    40 pointsBadges:
  • TomLiotta
    You can certainly ask questions here and often get an answer. Just be aware that we have no access to your home system, and it would be extremely rare for any member to have knowledge of any connection you have to any network. . Various members will often try to help. It just isn't very possible to do much beyond general suggestions. . Tom
    125,585 pointsBadges:

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