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Hi, I need to receive XML files (of fixed format) to my RPGLE program (not free format RPG) and do some calculations. Can I do this without purchasing any tools (free tools can be used)? Please let me know if anyone has done something similar.


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There are two built in operation codes in RPG IV, as of V5R4. These are supported in either fixed or free form.

And here’s a similar question with some additional information: Looking for good AS/400/RPG-XML translator software package.

Some of the tools are also freely available for download. Scott Klement has some very good ones.

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  • Stank
    Bob Cozzi just did a Tuesday tip yesterday on the use of XML-INTO. That could be a great place to start. A web search for Cozzi and Tuesday tips.
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  • Yorkshireman
    Exciting though it is to explore RPG's native opcodes for XML, why would you want to do that. I admire Bob Cozzi's stufff greatly, but in this case it's nowhere near as good as the Freeware HTTP tools originated by Scott Klement. go here and sign up and check it out. XML-INTo gives you a knife blade that needs sharpening - HTTP tools gives a Swiss Army knife ready to go (example code for most siutuations) . and the forum gives you the squaddies to ensure support and answers. Just my opinion, of course.
  • TopKat
    I agree with Yorkshireman. We use Klement's tools without any problems.
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  • BigKat
    To Yorkshireman and TopKat: Why would you want to explore XML-INTO and XML-SAX? Well, if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And maybe XML-INTO is a little crude (at this version) but everything starts somewhere... Also, what if there becomes a time that there is an intellectual property issue using Klements tools and you don't know anything else... Just trying to say it is always good to know options... BigKat
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  • Yorkshireman
    BigKat has a good point. You want to avoid any potential future IPR issues. So, as first suggested, write your own with RPG. I have a bit of code which handles screens down at the metal level, and if ever I want to handle all 1920 characters individually I know how to do it. Meanwhile though, I'll just use DDS, or, better, a code generator. Incidentally, it's also worth discovering that Bob licences his software, in order to make a living, and Scott Klements's is already in the public domain - so you will 'own' the source code. If it were me, I'd experiment with the native RPG, then I know which open source software I'd download. - No affiliation to either of these toolsets -
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