Is email being sent from Germany or Brazil?

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Dear Experts, I have question that may look simple to you, but for me is almost black to get through. If I receive an email, a Hotmail showing an IP originated from Germany. Although the person that is sending this email is supposed to be in Brazil. Does it mean that for some reason this person is really in Germany or because traditionally Brazil is full of telecoms that belong to Germany so they have routed partially the internet traffic( f.e. Deustche telecom). Please, let me know.

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Is this someone you personally know which you can verify is indeed in Brazil? Or is this someone telling you they are in Brazil and in fact you do not know where they are? If this is someone telling you one thing and you see evidence it is not true, then you have the evidence you need not to trust them I would say.

emails may take several hops to get to a destination. Hotmail has multiple servers. They use them to improve message handling. It is possible that this particular message went through a server in Germany. I rarely trust geolocating IP addresses unless you can confirm that the address definitely belongs to a registered owner. IP addresses may be spoofed or mail relay may actually hide the address of the sender.


Although I have never seen that the several hops that a messages take to get to destination change the originating ip-address on the message header, there are other ways to “hide” the real origin of mails or any activity that you do on the internet, for example, using the Tor network.

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  • Amidius
    i understand, it's someone i know personally but still i can't proof is really in Brazil. This person is living there but at some point originating IP has started to change from Brasil to Germany, as this person moved to a different area of Brazil,so i've been told. Like i said, a good size of brasilian telco is managed by Deustche Telekom, wouldn't be possible that internet traffic is diverted depending on the kind of access to a german server?
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  • Labnuke99
    Deutsche Telecom would "own" a range of IP addresses so doing a IP geolookup would likely show DT as being in Germany rather than the physical location of the devices using those IP addresses. That is why I would not trust IP geolookups.
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  • Purplee
    We can't say he is sending mail to the same persons you may better contact the Netwrk admin who skilled in Ip-address..I here providing the website For finding the Ip-address you can use the site ip-addressfor ip-address find for different Domain name.
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