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Hi All, Let me give an overview of our forest: We are on a Windows 2000 mixed mode forest. We have 2 Dc's in my parent domain and a standalone ntp server not on our domain but within our network segment which goes out to get time from Microsoft time server. On PDC emulator we set this sntp server as our NTP server and it is well reflected on the registry and on our group policy there is a bat file which will get executed as NET TIME /SETSNTP=DC2 on all clients PC and that part works since I am getting the desired result. However, there is an error on the system log of PDC emulator with Event ID:11 which states that "The NTP server didn't respond". I am not worried about whether this NTP server is working or not but I would like to get the NET TIME command to resolve it to DC2. When I execute NET TIME from PDC emulator(DC2), I am getting the time of DC1 (not DC2) and the NET TIME /QUERYSNTP gives the ntp server name. The same happens if I execute from clients also except the sntp server is DC2 which is due to the bat file execution. I am little confused because I am not sure what precedes the other and also why am I getting DC1 when NET TIME command is executed. I would like to resolve this issue by having all the clients, child DC's, member servers, standalone servers resolving to DC2 for time synchronisation. Is this scenario normal that when you execute NET TIME and NET TIME /QUERYSNTP giving you different results? I tried ReliableTimeSource set to 1 on DC2 and restarted the Windows time service and still all the clients getting time from DC1. Also, I verified on DC1's registry if there ia any entry set for ReliableTimeSource and there is none. What am I missing here? Any help more than welcome!!! THANKS. Shabu.

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Are you actually running NTP in the DC2 box? NTP is a package you would have to load on it technically windows has its own time functionality that is different than what NTP is considered. NTP runs on UDP 123, if you run a netstat -a on DC2 you should see an entry for that port listening. if it is listening Then first thing to do is to make sure that UDP port 123 is open on all firewalls between you and the remote time servers that you wish to synchronize to, Myself I would simply make sure your DC1 syncs to DC2 and let all client machines use the DC to keep time for them. lots better and more secure that way. I imagine that is why you have the DC2 box doing the sync with the external server for time is for security. Anyway I need to know if you loaded a program for NTP on DC2 or not. Windows does not use NTP protocol or ports by default their time sync is a whole different beast.

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  • AdTechJO
    Can you check your time server setting in DHCP
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  • Frodogorgu
    You may find this article useful: Mark Minasi's Windows Networking Tech Page Issue #52 November 2005 Regards
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  • Shabuitty
    Yes, that was informative. Thanks.
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