RE: SQL Restore Error (SQLSTATE 42000 “Internal Consistency Error”

Hello All, I am in need of some advice. We recently had a database go down and become corrupted. When I went to restore I receive the following error (Title Bar: ODBC SQLSTATE42000, Message:Internal Consistency Error, contact technical assistance...... I did have this happen once a few months back but on the third or fourth attempt all went well. Not so in this case. Using the different "Verify" commands SQL Server states my backup is there and complete. We did find 2 bad disks (Raid 5) on our SAN box that keeps the backups. These will be replaced tomorrow. However I did move the backup to another location only to receive the error message. This is a fairly critical database and I am in need of any help that can be offered. (Please keep in mind while answering this question that I am not a dba) Thank you, Lonnie Meinke

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First thing to do is run DBCC CHECKDB. This will tell you specifically where the problem is. If it’s on an index, primary or foriegn key, then you’re in luck. You can drop & recreate the index and you’re good to go. Otherwise you may be looking at data loss. Check the Books Online for details on CHECKDB.

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  • Lsandhar
    It sounds like that you have a corruption in the database. You should always run regular DBCC CHECKDB commands to see if you have any type of corruption (most often introduced by hardware problems). I suggest you open a case with MS Support.
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  • DaveInAZ
    Yep, I agree with both of the previous posters. Run DBCC CHECKDB because you may be lucky, and will need the info it provides if you're not lucky. Opening a case with MS support is an excellent idea. If you didn't luck out, and the problem isn't in an index or something else easily replacable and this is really an important database, you're going to need all the help you can get. You might also take a peek at;en-us;Q290787. If you check the log, you'll probably find one of the errors mentioned in the article. The good news is it's probably not your fault. The bad news is that usually doesn't make much difference to anyone else.
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  • Dimas25
    You need to software-based resolution. I should advise following application mssql fix allows you to recover sql files of all available SQL Server fomats
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