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If I buy a graphic card and install it on my PC which already has a Intel chipset, will the graphic card work properly? Keeping in mind that my chipset doesn't have any graphic card now but only a 700+ MB graphic memory

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Graphics cards are used for better video or image optimization. Some applications also use a  heavy amount of graphics cards such as CAD and games.
While you are going to upgrade or purchases a new graphics card put in your mind what your uses and recommendation of your application.

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  • TheRealRaven
    We don't know if it will work or not. It's likely that if the right kind of card is bought and it's installed correctly, it should work. To be more certain, we'd need to know at least the full hardware specs of the PC (including cards already installed) as well as the specs of the purchased graphics card.

    For the most part, the existing "700+ MB" of graphics memory will effectively be unused for any significant graphics output once a new graphics card is installed/configured.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    It seems that, you are not so comfortable with hardware related.... better to contact a hardware expert or ask a good computer vendor to clear your doubts. However, if the graphic card is compatible with Intel chipset, it can run without any problem.
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  • ashutoshmshr30
    My chipset doesn't have any graphic card now ,, My main Question Is regarding the lagging of high-performance games like gta 4, battle field 3 
    My Pcs specifications-
    Ram - 2 gb
    no graphic card 
    only a intel chipset with nearly 768mb of graphic memory
    but still such games lagg i.e. they do not run and the frame rate is very very slow

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  • TheRealRaven
    Not nearly enough detailed specs, nor any info on cards already present, nor any info on the intended graphics card. It seems that you'll need to discuss with a local PC expert.

    Without useful info, we can only make simple guesses, and we can offer basic comments that an appropriate graphics card might help; but it might not make a significant difference or it might be better.

    Even without a graphics card, a system may have other cards that interfere. A system with only 2GB memory is probably already taxed for resources, and handling intense graphics (plus any other processes including anything the OS must handle apart from games) should be taken into account.

    We could simply say "Yes, a new graphics card can help." But that's almost meaningless when the recipient is untrained. If a bad experience results, it's worse than unhelpful; and a lot of things can go wrong when matching a card with a system. A PC manufactured recently may accept cards that won't work at all in various older PCs. Technologies can change quickly, so full details can be critical for success.
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  • JustinWilson07
    I suggest you read the manual first and only change if there is a slot left to put in the graphics card otherwise you might damage your board. It will be better if you can ask your hardware dealer and I am sure he will be able to assist you better.
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