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RAID 1 vs RAID 5
RAID configuration
I currently have four 1 Terabyte HDD. I'm planning on setting up a RAID 1, however I would like to get more space. I researched RAID 5 and read plenty of negative opinions about it. I hate to waste so much space, but I can't take such a large risk for data loss. If anyone could recommend a happy medium I would appreciate it. I'm not limited to any specific configuration, so please leave some suggestions.

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If you want the best performance and redundancy use RAID 10 which combines striping with mirroring, but it will reduce your capacity by a half. You can lose two drives using RAID 10 and still keep your data.

RAID 5 is a very good option. It uses striping and parity which gives you good performance and more capacity than RAID 10. You can lose one drive using RAID 5 and still keep your data.

RAID 1 is only mirroring which is useful for mission critical applications that also require fast read times, but it has a slower write time. If you are using 4 drives, it seems like a big waste.

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  • Denny Cherry
    Yes, technically you can loose two disks of a RAID 10 mirror, if both disks are part of the same stripe set. If you loose a drive in each stripe set of the RAID 10 array then you may loose the entire array. It all depends if the RAID controller uses true RAID 10 or uses RAID 0+1 and calls it RAID 10. Now if your RAID vendor is using true RAID 10 and you loose two drives, and those drives happen to be part of the same mirror set, then you have just lost all the data on the array.
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    Unfortunatly the motherboard I have only supports RAID 0+1, which I understand is not true RAID 10. I'm just gonna run 3 mirror sets. One for my OS and the other two for data storage. I'm also going to run Windows XP. This comp is only for storing data, so I don't forsee any issues with using Windows XP as a server OS. I did some research and read its acceptable. Thanks for your help mrdenny. ASUS M2N-E Ultra AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800 4gig G Skill Memory PC2 6400 2 Seagate 250gig HDD 4 Seagate Barracuda 1 Terabyte HDD
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