Taking and restoring Ghost image for Windows in RAID 5

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Ghost image
I want to take Ghost image for windows in RAID5 and able to restore the image again when the system fails or something happened in the drive.

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You should have no problems doing this, provided your boot media is set up correctly…

BWith a “standard’ RAID 5 setup (whatever that means), you will have a minimum of three (3) drives, with parity information striped across the equivalent of one drive. What I mean is that if you are using three 100GB drives, you will have 200GB available space – the balance is dedicated to the array’s parity information. This allows for a drive failure without data loss.

Most HBA’s (Host Bus Adapters), whether IDE (old…..), SATA, SCSI or SAS also allow for one or more hot or warm spare drives: with a hot spare, the array will automatically initiate a rebuild if the array experiences a drive failure. With a warm spare, you actually need to kick off the rebuild manually, but the spare drive is already there in the enclosure.

RAID 6 utilizes the equivalent of two parity drives (minimum or four (4) per array).

All of this is basic storage theory…

If you are using Ghost (or some other imaging product) for disaster recovery or backup purposes, you will most likely be booting from a “live” CD. You will either need to make sure that your HBA drivers are available during boot by integrating them into the boot process, or by supplying them BY MEANS OF FLOPPY DISK (hey, I don’t make the rules) during CD boot. The HBA then presents your new/reworked/replacement disk pack / array to the operating system as a logical drive and the reimage / restore can then proceed.

Be aware that with Ghost in particular, there are switches/settings/configuration options you need to be aware of, or your restore may fail…

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    Take full image backup of server to an external media so that it can be restored using a bootable disk restart the server, boot into the RAID manager and delete the existing RAID array.shutdown the server remove old hard drives, be sure to mark your old drives 0,1,2,3,4. as you pull them out incase you need to revert back to them
    *Install new drives  start server, boot into RAID manager usually CTRL + M at BIOS and create the new RAID array for the new drives restart and boot to the bootable disk for the imaging application and restore the data test that everything is functional buy a hot spare drive that is the same size, speed etc
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