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-I am performing an Analysis for server upgrades and at a high level am presenting an explanation of RAID 10 -I am new to RAID and understand some technical aspects and design features -I want to speak to a disaster recovery scenario but do not understand the benefits or more than the 4 drive minimum for the "rebuild" process of a RAID 10 in the event of drive failure -say I have this scenario, 4 minimum drives, say qty 4 36gb, with this I will have 72gb of usable volume QUESTIONS 1.) what are the benefits in a RAID 10 with more than the minimum 4 drives, is it additional capacity, more drive loss fault tolerance or both, basically, under what circumstances can a RAID 10 survive multiple simultaneous drive failures 2.) when replacing failed drives in RAID 10 what is the rebuild process, I suppose it depends on the number or drives lost but my guess is that as long as the RAID 10 remains intact after the drive loss the contoller will rebuild when the new functional drive are recognized

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RAID 10 is implemented as a striped array whose segments are RAID 1 arrays
RAID 10 has the same fault tolerance as RAID level 1
RAID 10 has the same overhead for fault-tolerance as mirroring alone
High I/O rates are achieved by striping RAID 1 segments
Under certain circumstances, RAID 10 array can sustain multiple simultaneous drive failures
Excellent solution for sites that would have otherwise gone with RAID 1 but need some additional performance

Very expensive / High overhead
All drives must move in parallel to proper track lowering sustained performance
Very limited scalability at a very high inherent cost

Main Application: Database server requiring high performance and fault tolerance

1 Drive Fails: replace drive let system rebuild array.
It does take a while for the rebuild to finish.. System is degraded while rebuilding to approx Raid 1 performance read.. normal speed write

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