RAID 1 with 4 SATA II drives

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I have a M/B with an integrated nVidia SATA II RAID controller. The M/B died the other day leaving me in a pickle. In an act of desparation, I took the four SATA II drives out of the server and put them into another server with a similar nVidia SATA II RAID controller. To my surprise, it worked. The new M/B saw my two RAID 1 partitions and could boot them into Windows 2k3. I then installed the drivers for the new M/B and rebooted. Started to get a BSOD at bootup. To fix this, I turned off the RAID features in the BIOS so the drives were seen as just normal SATA II drives. Once again, to my surprise, this worked. Win2k3 booted with no problems. However, this now meant that I had four drives in "My Computer". Two of them were actively being used (since they took up the proper drive letters that were used in the old system , C: and E:) and the other two were just sitting there taking up drive letters, doing nothing. However, my server was working, so I didn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Now, I'm about to replace the M/B in the old server with an exact replacement for what died. I'm thinking that in order to protect the data that has changed on my four SATA II drives since moving them to the new server I'll have to remove the two drives that are essentially paperweights and perform a low-level format on them. Then, place the two working drives in the old server, get them to boot in a RAID configuration in degraded mode, then add in the newly formatted drives. Does anyone see a problem with my plan of action? To be honest, I didn't think any of this would work. I've never seen a hardware raid work once the raid card has died. The solution in the past has always been to fall on bending knees and pray you have a recent and functional backup. Thanks for any input you can offer! Brett

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This sounds like it should work.

Before dropping in the drives that you have wipped, do a full backup. Just to be safe.

Hard drives that are RAIDed should be picked up by a new controller, provided that it’s the same type and model, and that the drives are connected in the exact same order that they were before. Otherwise RAID would be kind of worthless.

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