QTP Script for Data Driven Testing using Notepad

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QTP script error handling
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Set f=createobject("scripting.filesystemobject") Set f1=f.createtextfile("d://file1.txt") f1.writeline"Raju Rani" f1.writeline"King Queen" f1.writeline"Radha Krishna" f1.writeline"Thirupathi Gangula" f1.writeline"Bala Kishan" The above script creates a notepad in "d" drive with name file1 Raju Rani King Queen Radha Krishna Thirupathi Gangula Bala Kishan values are stored in file1.txt. Set f2=f.opentextfile("d://file1.txt") While f2.atendofstream<>true f3=f2.readline x=split(f3," ") msgbox x(0) msgbox x(1) Wend The above script is used for data driven using notepad directly.here we are not importing data to excel sheet. directly values are retreived from notepad. we are using while loop and reading each line till the end. split function splits the line where space(" ")occurs. line is divided to 2 parts.one before space and other after space for example we have 1st line in notepad as aaa bbb here aaa is 1st part and bbb is 2nd part x(0)=Raju x(1)=Rani all values are read this way using while loop. One point to note here is if any line is empty in notepad datadriven testing is stopped before that line. It will not proceed further.so we have to give values without any empty lines in notepad. to make u more clear suppose u have Raju Rani Knig queen datadriven is stopped at Raju and Rani only because next line is empty.datadriven is stopped after 1st line. Could you please anybody otherthan this method only on Notepad Cheers..........! Thirupathi

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Dim fso, f , Readline_file,wordcount,i
Set fso = Createobject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
‘Set Myfile = fso.OpenTextFile (“g:\new.txt”, ForWriting , True)
‘Set f = fso.CreateTextFile (“g:\new2.txt”, True)
‘f.writeline “world hello”
‘f.writeline “Google 05121974”

Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(“g:\new2.txt”)

do until f.AtEndOfStream = true
Readline_file = f.readline
wordcount = split(Readline_file,” “)
For each i in wordcount
If (i = fine) Then

msgbox “sucess”
End If
‘msgbox Readline_file
‘Readline_file = f.read (5)’ (“g:\new1.txt”, )
‘Set f = fso.OpenAsTextStream(“g:\new1.txt”)

‘f.Writeline “Enter into the new world”

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